Six In the Morning - Travel "by family" Guide - Las Palmas, the cuttest island in the Canary islands

in travel •  3 months ago

"Don't Waste your Time sleeping instead haste your time for discovering"

I couldn't sleep

A comfortable, cracking wooden chair...

The waves breaking slowly no more than fifty meters away and just the first signs that a new day is about to start. Still the refreshing night is here:
Three Bright far away stars surrounded by a universe-deep black-blue, a full sphere up in the sky I have been watching for a while... Transforming from red-blood into gold to just plain bright beautiful.
My brain plays with the idea of a quick swim in the sea.

We are about to discover the wildness of La Palma, la Isla Bonita

but for now...

Chilling from the balcony
Best shot I could get for you...

See you around soon enough!

Don't Wait For Tomorrow, Do Enjoy Your Life Today

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beautiful dear hope you enjoyed it.


Thanks @raksha to peek into our family life!

(Sun is just starting to paint the horizon with blues and reds...)

Coffee Time ;-)