Point to Point - Our Nomadic Travels - Part 32

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This is a blog revolving around our journey to save for a van and then our new life on the road - join us for the ride!

21st March 2019 - Part 32

187 Days remain!!

I have decided to start a countdown clock to when we intend to move into the trailer!

This will help remind us just how long we have left. Its going to be at the top of the page and as you can see we have 187 days left! why this date? its the end of the UK school summer holidays and so hopefully will be quieter and easier to book our first pitches!

This will kind of throw us strait into the deep end with a winter coming close from when we start - but we hope to have at least some reasonable weather for our first couple of weeks..In this country you really can never be sure!!

This date is not set in stone, We do not have anywhere to store a trailer where we currently live and so when we buy a trailer we will have to transfer our belongings and move out on that day! so it will actually start the day we take ownership - but this gives us a pretty close estimate:)


We Need Your Help

By following our blog, resteeming, upvoting, and if you really want to help us liquid steem/sdb donations are very much appreciated - This is going to be very tough and we need all the help we can get! we will be sharing everything along the way to show exactly what happens when you try and do some mad thing like this - We will also be interacting with all our readers, its you guys that make this blog happen! Join us to see where we go:)

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Wow that will be interesting have to move into the van the day you get it.

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Yep it will be a challenge for sure!

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