Point to Point - Our Nomadic Travels - Part 31

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This is a blog revolving around our journey to save for a van and then our new life on the road - join us for the ride!

20th March 2019 - Part 31

Today the book arrived i ordered yesterday - next day postage is one thing i will ever so slightly miss!

The book in question is theHaynes Caravan Manual Have had a very quick flick through it and i think it will be one of those books that is not often needed but contains some really useful infor that can be really important from time to time.


We are all so used to having access to whatever information we need via the internet, but sometimes we will be in places where the internet isnt ready avalible - its in those times when a problem occurs that books like these will be worth their weight in gold:)

The caravan map we have ordered is coming in April as its a new revised issue that we have ordered to make sure its current.


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Those Haynes manuals have saved my ass before


Yep they are damn good, my dad had rebuilt car engines with them back in the 80s and i was able to do a top end rebuild on a simple motorbike with zero experience with the help of them - really good so had to get one of these!


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