Point to Point - Our Nomadic Travels - Part 20

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This is a blog revolving around our journey to save for a van and then our new life on the road - join us for the ride!

9th March 2019 - Part 20

Today I bought another item for the trailer...

Its nothing to exciting but its something we do want - its a little mini oven! this thing is smaller than you are probably imagining lol..Oven

Told you it was a small oven - 9 liters haha! but its enough to do what we want and remain convenient...A lot of trailers have full size ovens in along with gas hobs, but the one we will be buying only has gas hobs and no oven. This will allow us to make a few meals we like to currently eat - we will be able to make fishcakes, torpedo shaped pizza and roast potatoes...being able to hold onto some "home comforts" is important to us. so this little oven that only weighs under 3kg and small enough to fit in a floor cupboard should fit the bill perfectly. Its also low wattage at 800watts and should not trip the electrics on site.


We have plenty more left to buy:D

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Good way to go I think and I took out a full sized oven from my motorhome and will just use a single portable gas cooker and a small electric toaster oven. Save space and weight and I can also use these items outside to cook as well.

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Thats a really good point mate, I had not considered the outside oven cooking but it could be useful - help keep heat out if its hot in the trailer already too!


Yes I could be handy to be able to cook outside sometimes.

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