Magical Mexican City Tour: Leaving Oaxaca, my Backpack Update and Entering Mazunte on the Pacific Coast

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It was a Monday morning when I packed up
my mochila grande

as I have come to refer my backpack,

and boarded what we call in the

United States a mini bus or van but the Latins call it a bus.

All I had to do was tell the owner at the hostal,

Cielo Roja

where I wanted to go and then she made a phone call.

After she hung up she told me the bus will arrive

in 30 minutes at the hostal front door.

Seems like it always takes me longer to pack up than I expect it to.

After packing all my things up a
couple dozen times mas o menos

over the last several months,

it has gotten pretty easy but it still takes time.

Everything has its place so it's also easy to not loose stuff.

Before I boarded my first bus in Dallas, Texas

I made several consecutive posts with details

of everything I am carrying with me on my

Epic Journey Through Latin America.

What I actually decided to carry across 3 continents might be of interest to you.
Part 1 My Packing List Toiletries Bag
Part 2 My Packing List Small Easy Carry Backpack
Part 3 My Packing LIst Jewelry Making Supplies
Part 4 My Packing List Sleeping Supplies, Culinary and Tarot tools
PART 5 My Packing List: What I am Bringing On My Epic Journey Through Latin America

So far, I have lost a light jacket,

a banadana,

2 pairs of reading glasses and

a wool sweater I bought in the north of Mexico when in the cold mountains.

Everything else I still have except about 5 pieces

of clothing that I have ditched along the way while

one new shirt,

a really big blanket that I wrap around
my djembe when I’m on the move

and a wool shawl has been added.

That morning in Oaxaca I went out early to buy a couple shirts

from the street vendors as a gift for my Kuna boyfriend, Fabio.

The story of my I meeting an indigenous man and how he won my heart

is documented in my award winning travel story,

Buying Back My Kuna.

Quickly I returned to the hostel, finished my packing

and was on the bus by 11am.

When I travel on buses for many hours I am super grateful for my ear buds,

my beloved battery pack to recharge my phone

and my movie downloads from my favorite movie streaming site.

The night before I depart I charge all my electronics

to their maximum for preparing for my journey.

In addition, I refrain from eating much and drinking anything for

hours before I board the bus as well as peeing as much as I can.

The buses almost never have onboard bathrooms

and the stops for the bathroom are undependable.

My intention was to get another bus to Mazunte

from Pochutla but I arrived so late that

the buses I planned to use to complete my journey were all off duty.

A taxi driver with a very non-aggressive energy

approached me in the street and explained

that he would drive me to Mazunte for what

I thought was a very reasonable price.

The sun was just going down

when I appoached the gate to The Empanada,

the hostal I was invited to stay at in the Magical city, Mazunte,
through my connections

from the Facebook group, Mochileros en Mexico.

My next blog describes how I got to stay

at this hostel for free for 5 nights, my new friends in Mazunte.


Keep Following.

I got many more fun-believable experiences,

and amazing photography,

I'm serious!

My stories are continuously unfolding as I continue my unique journey south.

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Hey there! Long time no see :D - How are you?!?! Did you feel the earthquake? Everything ok over there?? Mazunte is a beautiful beach! Hope you like it! Enjoy :)


I'm actually to date in Panama. I will soon be writing an update to the Fabio saga.

It is really good to see you again. I was just thinking about you and wondering what is going on with you.

It's good to see you heard my vibration. The morning the earthquake hit in Costa Rica I woke up to the loud gruntings of monkeys and screamings of McCaws.


I guess thats why I was thinking of you ;) - How is Panama?! I wish I had more time to write... exploring so many things on my travels :) What is your next stop?! I am glad you are ok after the earthquake :)


I'm glad you asked.

My next post after the one I am in the middle of writing in this moment will be a post to explain exactly where I am, what I'm about to do and an update on the relationship with the indigenous guy, Fabio.

But, quickly, I'm in Boquete, Panama with Fabio. Our plan is to travel to the San Blas Islands on October 2nd.

Nice me my post


Thank you. Grateful for the reply.

@loveon wonderful adventures you have!


It's so true!

I'm grateful for the reply and I hope to see you Following.

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It is wonderful to meet you through @steemfollower! I upvoted, resteemed and followed you @loveon. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Another wonderful read, my friend!!! And I see that we have a lot of the same ways that we travel!


Very excited to see you commenting, my beautiful friend.

I look forward to continuing to see you around.

Welcome to Steemit!!