Ray Roberts Lake State Park 6/14/2019

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Greetings from the road Steemians and fellow travelers!

My family and I have embarked on a month long RV excursion across a big chunk of the lower 48 States of the USA. We started from our home in Northern New Mexico and after a day and a few hours travel we made it to our first destination to visit my eldest daughter and granddaughter. We decided to stay for this part of the journey at Ray Roberts Lake State Park. Man it was so much hotter than what we're used to getting into the 90s every day. There were plenty of photo ops with wild animals during our stay as you will see in the video.

The music in the video are from my work, the intro and outro being a track called "The Saturnian" and the other clip from the song "Unfold".

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fun trip, amazing wanderers find forests, seas and rivers, good posts @lk666

Thanks man <3

Looks like the vaca is going well so far! That was a cool video. Felt like I was there. Interesting landscape, where you are

I'm at Ray Roberts Lake State Park not far outside of Denton Texas. I'm so glad mosquitos don't bite me. Heading Southeast of here tomorrow on my way to the Gulf.

have fun. hundred percent nature, why mosquitoes not biting you? 🧛

Thanks <3
I have no idea why they haven't bitten me much, they have always mostly left me alone though in this part of the country ;)

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Awesome and thanks for the upvote <3

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