A trip to a Greek island "Chios"

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Chios Island " Χίος"
I Visited Chios Island in 2015, Took a ferry from Cesme to Chios ( about 40 min to arrive ) Cesme its a small city located in Izmir- Turkey,

Chios it's a small island the most famous for local its mastic, Chios, part of the Northeastern Aegean island complex, is home to 53,000 people today. Explore the places where these people build their day-to-day lives: either in medieval settlements where Genoa and Chios meet, or in beautiful small towns by the sea, and participate in religious festivities where the locals make their own colorful history

in Chios the most wonderful thing I was amazed by at first sight was the sea, a very clear and breathtaking view, city building was so old and unique, we had a seafood in lunch with a Greek salad it was the most delicious organic feta cheese I've ever had and a completely fresh seafood cooked with organic olive oil, I still remember how amazing was tasted like.

As I remember the lunch didn't cost us much we were surprised by how good the food was with a very acceptable price around 50 Euro for 4 people

I posted a few pictures I've taken and I think the pictures talk for themselves better than I do,


image-03b8088cc9d2b6902a0e957cc36911ddd33d89e7c653b3dba4d27a985b3b0ca0-V.jpg '




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very nice!!


thank you chombo

Sure Lena, the pictures talk by themselves! That is a beautiful place

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It is indeed , hope you'll have a chance to visit one day

Love the cheese.