The Old Dog: Takes a Ride!

in travel •  3 months ago

What a great day! We rented bikes and cycled from Mülbach to Brunico, a distance of 29 km each way.

The cycling path, which you can see in the image (yes that’s @lellabird60 in the distance) is part of a huge one that goes from Munich to Venice! Wow!

It was a beautiful, fun and culturally rich and once I have better internet I’ll post more images.

Until next time,

(The Old Dog)

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I think you got thousands of wonderful photography! Looking forward to see those photography and I think this might be a memorable bike ride as well!



It was a good day!

sound like a healthy re-energizing adventure. Do you use a bike helmet when you ride? Bike trails can be a lot of fun! Thanks @kus-knee


Yes we wore helmets. It was nice because on the way we took our time and stopped to see castles, farms and towns. On the way back we did 29km in 25 minutes!

Cycling is my hobby. I often take a ride with my friends besides our nearest river cycling path. Your cycling path looks so beautiful. Hope you enjoy the moment.


It is a great hobby. I should do it more often!

Wonderful photography. Very beautiful road..i like it my lovely friend kus-knee 💞



I will appreciate your photography.your photo is really fantastic


Thank you

The scenery looks really beautiful, @kus-knee. Travelling by bike is one of the best things you can do: it's good for your health and you're close to nature, and it's cheaper! I liked this publication. I'll keep an eye out. Greetings



A nice bike tour👍



Hello @kus-knee, Wow this time The Old Dog takes the ride on a cycle to explore the nature in his own way. "Mülbach to Brunico, a distance of 29 km each way" is not a long distance covered by cycle, it surely is. I think you have planned to make yourself fit and fully fit this time, Superb :)


Yes it was a good distance!


There weren’t many hills so it was quite easy

Bicycles are just the best way to see the countryside get exercise and fresh air all at once. That sounds like a nice distance too . What a great day!


Yes it was fun.

The cycling path looks great, especially because it's not crowded. I think it's a great walk. I don't know, I used the bike very little and very long ago ... I think I lost something very nice. Your photo urges to walk, a long walk!


I rarely use a bike where I live but when on holiday I like to use one.


Ya! That's why is holiday!

Your are great photographer. I also like your photo is very beautiful road photo



wow,my dear friend.. @kus-knee cycling is a good for health.i hope that you enjoy your good day to drive cycle ride.obviously your travelling place always best.because you select always beautifull place for capturing very beautiful nature beauty of phenomena to right way.its your big quality one of them.this photography really very fantastic.this time i feel very bed my health.because i feel, i am not comment your before post.sorry for that..i am always attracted your post and better thought.thanks to sharing for your great travelling post.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.keep it up.i wish your all the best alltime. have a great day and enjoy your travelling time with nice place ride dear good friend .. @kus- knee


Hope you feel better soon.

Posted using Partiko iOS cycling more long distance...amazing to hear. Such a glorious place to be relaxing. I hope you'll post more impressive photos.

Hi @kus-knee, Brilliant way for cycling or jogging. It's increase our better healthy and burn un wanted calories. Cool place for walking with naturalize sounds.

Beautiful place.

Hello my best friend @kus-knee how are you.very beautiful road photography. I like it your great full post. thanks for sharing your beautiful life

great scenery there sir.. love your photo there

Wow it's beautiful initiative of enjoying the beauty of beautiful nature without harming it, the most notable part is you will enjoy the opportunity of seeing and capturing the beautiful natural phenomena very closely and in a beautiful slowly and real way.
Enjoy it and share with us sir.
God bless you.

Cycling is very good for health. Since the cycle path is so nice so am sure you would have enjoyed.

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Both the things in one ride

amusement and the health issue both shall be gained ;)

in bonus the view of the journey along :)

I really would bike every day if that will be the surroundings that I will see @kus-knee Enjoy your travels :)

Its amzing view & excellent photography 😊

Enjoy the vacation :-D

wuao friend you can see that they are having a great time having fun and knowing magical places, that is a great experience in riding a bike. je je imagine laughter and amusements I love that the good vibes greetings

@ kus-knee what a beautiful place to enjoy nature, excelte takes dear friend, you have captured a beautiful picture, without a doubt it is an ideal place for a bike ride
Enjoy your stay

the picture is very good.

Looks like a very cool trail for riding a bike.
Would love to go there for a nice bike ride. So beautiful.

Wow that must be a refreshing feeling riding alongside :D with such gorgeous views

Wao very good weather for cycling,, Many great effects for cycling in our health,,,cycling is also great for your health,,,,cycling makes you happy ,cycling builts muscle,,,built muscle on the bike,,,better lungs health,,, great cycling...i think All of you enjoying very much,,,thanks for sharing,,,,