Lake Ontario in the Winter

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I recently went to Kingston, Ontario with my girlfriend (this past weekend). We were visiting her aunt.

Lake Ontario was a 10 minute walk away, and my girlfriend wanted to go visit the lake in the winter. So we did just that ;)


Despite the cold temperature, there was a stream runoff of melting snow at the edge of the lake below the snow cover.



There was this neat looking ice beach on the coastal edge of the lake as well :)


At some places you can see land across the horizon while at other places you can't see any land.

It's a big lake ;) It looks like an ocean if you go out far enough, as you don't see any land...



Well that was the gist of the trip to the lake. It was nice with the sun, and a nice view, but pretty damn cold with the wind :/

My fingers were burning a bit after being exposed to the elements while taking several pictures. The wind is a killer hehe.

I hope you enjoyed the view as well :)

Thank you for your time and attention :) Take care. Peace.

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For some reason, the last photo makes me think of a book cover for a young adult novel. It's the overall feel. That aside, I live in the tropics and seeing that much snow makes me wonder how many layers of clothes I'd have to wear to be able to explore and enjoy the place. The biting cold is worth it by the way because your pictures look good. The last one with your gf has to be my favorite though.

Ehh there's not even half the amount of snow in my country. When there's a lot of snow you can take a lot of beautiful pictures! And I know that feeling when fingers are burning from all that cold when you're trying to take pictures :D gotta make sacrifices! Haha


Yeah, gotta make sacrifices :P hehehe

This would have been an awesome #WalkWithMe :) Beautiful shots of Lake Ontario, I've never seen it frozen before. My husband is from Pickering :)

Good to see you @krnel and your GF :)


Cool. Thanks for the tag tip too :)

I'm sure it's very beautiful in the sun helps, but what's a cold that looks like a no man's land. At least it provides a memory for you and your girlfriend. Thanks for sharing.


Yes the frozen land makes for barren death zone scenes lol

The sight of the place really impresses is incredible, I can imagine the intense cold .. A place where the silence dominates, and the landscape shines the eyes from who sees.

Great post. The Great Lakes truly are great! It always baffles me when people drive their trucks out on Lake Huron. I am cool with small lakes, but that is just asking for trouble. We just had four guys need to be rescued the other weekend when things thawed up a little and they were out there.

Great shots! thank you for your sharing!I thinkit must be very cold in the ice and snow world !

This is totally amazing...I am speechless...

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It is a very nice visit is also important.You must have had a good time.

You are very lucky. You have such a memory with your girlfriend. I do not have such great facilities. You are very lucky. :) @krnel

Wooow, really impressive place ! I guess the place where you find luck will be where you always go with your girlfriend. :) @krnel

Wow such nice pictures.. love to visit the lake one day...

I have learned it address. I hope I see a this in my own eyes. it's really a great sight. For this view. I was willing exposed to the wind. I value for this landscape , is he? I've seen photographs of yours. Thank you

@krnel These photos are so good.And this place is wonderful.I would like to visit this place :)

ahhhh you are a obedient boyfriend:) hopefully you both enjoyed , share more pictures for us

Hi @krnel, I nominated you to take part in the 7 day black and white challenge in my latest post!


its your girl friend ?
so much taller .

Cool post!
What brought me to your account is your Yoga and Self-esteem post but that is too old to vote for :-//

Good one.
Nice photography @krnel

Wonderful Photography @krvel

i have followed you, follow me too please :)

That is a really beautiful post. Really fantastic, dreamy view.