I travel the world Part 88: EL CORTE INGLES

in travel •  2 years ago

You will find fantastic fish at supermarkets in Spain

It is always such a pleasure to go into a Spanish supermarket and to visit the fish section. Everything is very fresh and you have a huge variety of fish, mussels etc. Usually I buy some fresh Gambas and eat them raw it is soooo tasty and I love Gambas!!!

Fish Counter

And of course the Iberico Ham is fantastic too!

After that we went to the beach

The view was awesome

Spain is so nice in terms of food and fresh fish it is one of the countries I would consider moving to. Mallorca is very nice, they have beaches, fish, good weather. Worth a visit and maybe I will move there one day.

If you are a beach person you should try to rent a boat and catch the sun going down from the water. That is one thing I did in the past which was stunning!

Does your supermarket have such great fish?

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Upvote as usual :) My only comment will be no comment :) I get crazy jealous when I see your posts :)))


don't be jealous :) we can always make a collaboration post in the future!

@knozaki2015 Let us not forget the Wine!


which wine do you like?


Any and all... but a good Rioja Riserva on my mind right now.


thank you. these are good memories!


thank you. happy you liked the post !

Mallorca is indeed very nice! Have you had the opportunity to go out of Palma and to the little cities of Sollers, Deia in the north ?
Also, don't miss Granada if you can ;-)


yes I went to other cities too. I am just sorting the pictures ;)

The beautiful beach! And the beautiful fish


The views are just awesome!
Especially this one:


yes it is insane