I travel the world #621: Pastelaria A Galão

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Pastelaria A Galão

I will always remember the great times we had at @steemfest in lisboa. I loved the food in Portugal and the way of life. So in every city I pass through, I try to find a bar which gives me the feeling being back to Portgual









I ordered a fresh juice, a croissant with spicy salami and of course a espresso with one of my favorite things on earth, an egg tart. Sitting outside in the sun and enjoying my breakfast really made my day.

Do you remember @steemfest in lisboa ???

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how beautiful is Portugal, everything looks delicious je je awakened my appetite

Lisboa = Lisa on?

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Iooks delicious 😋

you are enjoying your life with many people and nice dishes. what a nice life! I also enjoy my life.🌹 I hope more people will enjoy steemfest.