I travel the world #537: Madame Ngo (Best Pho in Berlin)

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Madame Ngo

Madame Ngo is another restaurant by my friend Duc the owner of 893 and Kuchi in Berlin. It is a very authentic Pho Place and you can enjoy fantastic tasting Vietnamese Pho Noodles.




My favorite is the Pho with Filet Mignon. The Pho is phenomenal but the Filet Mignon gives it the final punch. Amazing. The dessert is really super super cool, it was basically Vietnamese Coconut rice with a Mango Icecream with fresh Mango.

Ever had Pho with Filet Mignon ???

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Great post tnx for sharing I just upvoted.
steemit all the way check out my new post.
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Thanks for commenting bro!

Wow...yammy post by @knozaki2015
Wel done and execellent work sir...


Thanks a lot :)

The first dish looks great)) My mom cooks it very tasty))


Its a great vietnamese recipe! It has to be very nice to try the homecooked way of it :)

Ever had Pho with Filet Mignon ???

Hmmmm not at all bro...so there's something like mango ice cream. And how does fresh mango taste with white rice?

You second picture looks like beef emersed in water sprinkled with spiral onions...how does that taste?


I can assure you it is fantastic how they do it in madame ngo!
The mango with white rice is also really really cool, the texture is just soo smooth

The soup looks very appetizing and I love this kind of life. I envy you Haha @knozaki2015 following you ♥♥


@venox thanks for following me :)
It was a great meal!!

Woww! What a lovely place for dinner. This is really incredible place such a beatiful trip you have done. Vietnamese Soup looks so delicious 😍 i wanna be eat I also try it 😉


Berlin is a great place for my trips, i allways discover new things!!
I am sure you can find a good vietnamese restaurant that serves it in your hometown!

Wow looks delicious! I love all types of Asian food and am glad to see it become more and more mainstream. Thanks for your post and photos!


The cool thing is that there are so many variants of Asian food and they are all great!!
Thanks for reading :)

Hey @knozaki, Once again with new place!!!!
Pho with Filet Mignon, the Vietnamese soup Look awesome, i have heard alot of this Soup but never tried i think I have to try it . . . .
Thanks for sharing


Hi @aliza01
I am sure that you would love it, just search a good vietnamese restaurant that serves it! Tell me after that what you think of it!


Thank you @knozaki
But I don’t think that Here in Pakistan, a restaurant will serve it
So i’ll search for it recipes

Hmmmmm,the foods seems soo yammy,keep sharing,have a good trip,stay blessed and Happy @knozaki2015👍👍🍜🍝🍝


It was great man, thats why i wanted to share it with you guys!
Take care of you too!

Hmmmm, you lead a busy life from food to money to steem amid family life. May God's grace rest on you to keep shining


Thanks for your kind comment, it is allways great to hear such positive things from my followers!!

well that food is s good looking makeing me hungery and i am loving this wow and that place look good


And i can tell you that the taste was awesome, really well done vietnamese food, their chef is really talented!

Lovely post m already catching my fun here what a great post full of motivation


Allways happy to give you some good vibes :)

I haven't tried that. But with the exquisite way you have described it, I definitely will.

I love the way your posts are elaborate and explanatory.


Thanks @lizbethk, i allways try to post interesting thing for all of you and its great to hear that sometimes i achieve it :)

first time i visited your post. This is great article. happy to see your content.
I followed you. Good luck for further.


Thanks a lot, i hope you will find my blog interesting ;)

never but seems like i have to try now.hope you have enjoyed your pho


I really enjoyed it, i recommend you to try it :)

I had really great Pho during my time in Vietnam and tried some more in different cities around the world. I'm curious how this one is. Thanks for the recommendation. ✌


If you get the possibilitie of comming to Berlin i assure you that it wont disappoint you :)

One of my favorite, Vietnamese food !

Thank you for sharing !


Same here dear :)
Thanks for your comment!

It's a tremendous contribution.
I watched so many Videos on Youtube, but still, I couldn't smell Pho in real :(


thanks a lot bro!
It is really hard to describe Pho because it is a really rich and fragrant dish! I really recommend you to try it!!


Yeah! I will... 😎

Oh that's looks so awesome that i need to find it soon something so delicious and simple wow thanks for sharing it :D


@blazing, do it!!!
I swear you that you will not be disappointed by it :)

wow you get mango in this season!! Amazing food.


If you find the right place you can find it all year around!

this looks extremely beautiful and delicious wow one of the best food you have tried in recent times


Yeah, it was really great! You know i only show you the best of the best ;)

never tried a Vietnamese dish but it looks very tasty and the restaurant is beautiful. mmmmm mango coconut and rice I represent like this. good post. I like this.

Wow very good cuisine


i am carving for this one looks super delicious and yummy from the pics


And it tastes even better! I think that is hard to capture the goodness of it just by the pics! I recommend you to try it :)

Pho with Filet Mignon the name it sounds interesting and seeing it made me hungry


It is something really special!

Oh,looks good.


It is really good :)

So the "Pho with Filet Mignon" is made from Vietnamese Coconut rice with a Mango Icecream with fresh Mango. Looking at first to the photo of the Pho with Filet Mignon intrigues me but when I saw the description, I now understand why it looks like that and it sounds and looks delicious. That Vietnamese Pho Noodles also looks tasty.


The coconut rice with mango was actually the dessert, the main course was Pho with Filet Mignon and it was really really good!

I have a cold and this soup looks like it would do the trick!
I used to eat Vietnamese food when I lived in Canada -- and loved it!
Keep posting...


Yeah i think it would be great for a cold ;)
Thanks for your comment dear!