HEAVEN #167: Singapore Air First Class Lounge

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SQ First Lounge

It is always a treat when you are travelling in Firstclass and are invited in one of the First Class Lounges of SQ. I really liked the Private Dining room of SQ where you have privacy and only First Class Flyers are allowed to enter












I ordered the crispy salmon with crab salad and after a short wait the dish was brought to my seat. It's basically a restaurant where you can order your own food before grabbing a flight. I had a nice icecream after the dinner and a freshly squeezed carrot juice.

Which dish is your favorite ???

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Hiii Friend @knozaki2015. Amazing photographs and there is no doubt that first class lounge seems to be Heaven. and i like Carrot juice.


Thanks a lot for your comment brother, the first class lounge is indeed like Heaven :) Great place to chill before a long flight!


Me alegro que te gusta :)