Best whale watching tours in Iceland?

in travel •  6 months ago

going to iceland for about a week.

Does anyone know the best whale watching tour to take?

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so i know this post is about whale watching, and thats probably what you want to do but i went to iceland about 2 years ago and did a few other things! Things i would recommend do you
1.) Eat some whale... i know you want to go on a whale watching tour but one of their main meats is Mink whale meat. yes mink whale. Its a small small whale, but tasty. I liked it at least, i think everyone should try it once!

2.) Rent a car and travel the Golden Circle. gosh the scenery is beautiful... you dont want to miss out on going up there and checking it out.

3.) go on a puffin tour! the bird of iceland is the puffin (the annoying bird in happy feet that pretended to be a penguin that could fly) hahaha

4.) Blue lagoon is amazing.

and last but not least i know you asked for a freaking whale watching tour and i failed at that, but if you do go make sure you dress warm! even in the summer the wind on the ocean can get pretty intense and cold. bring extra layers!

Though don't know about it but i have help you out
These are few rated best on the net:

1-Whale Watching Capital: Húsavík
2-Family-Friendly Whale Watching Tours: Akureyri
3-Whale Watching in the Capital: Reykjavík
4-New and Remote Whale Watching Tours: the Westfjords
5-Best Place to See Orcas: Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Steem Whales or real Whales? ;)

Dear my friend Knircky, i am sorry but i do not have such wonderful experience and i won't be a fake expert giving you an advise watching in internet, anyway i love Iceland and i was their team supporter during last world cup, i am sure there you will find good people and they will give you the best advise to make your whales watching tour...:))

Why go all the ways to iceland....there are 36 whales right here on steemit



Many of the country’s most popular sights are within easy reach of Reykjavík. Immerse yourself in the spirit of Iceland, at the Blue Lagoon. Then spend a day or two in The Golden Circle, an area which encompasses three of Iceland’s greatest natural wonders; Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir Geothermal Field, and Gullfoss. Iceland’s main ring road strings together an endless series of epic landscapes. Less than two hours drive east of Reykjavik are two of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. Continue eastward towards Vík, Iceland’s southern-most village, where you’ll find the dramatic landscapes of Black Beach, Reynisdrangar, and Dyrholaey. Follow the ring road for another two hours into the ethereal light of Jökulsárlón Lake, where icebergs break away from Europe’s largest glacier and float for years before tumbling out to sea.

Greetings friend is very interesting to observe these majestic animals which fill us with greatness as they are endangered species which are wonderful, this is a unique opportunity. Iceland is a very beautiful country with an extraordinary culture but I think that being able to observe these great animals pays the plane ticket.

No idea on the Whales in Iceland, but this account: intellihandling is abusing the bounty program with a bunch of trail vote accounts on the larger bounty posts, like this one and mine :/

Iceland is in great controversy, on the one hand legalized whaling and on the other, these beautiful animals are part of the tourist attractions. There is a great variety of whales like the humpback.

Tours throughout the country, most of all in Reykjavik, take tourists to the huge bay of Reykjavik

On the other hand, there is the northern coast that is the most visited by tourists to see the whales. It is usually the most expensive, because sometimes it includes other walks. And finally, to the south of Iceland is the Vestmann Islands, another ideal place for this activity.


they legalized whaling because the Mink whale is the whale they kill. A tiny whale that has a vast supply. they dont kill anything like blue whales hahaha

great great

Well, I've never seen any whales in my life. Not even here in Steemit. Nor do I believe that I ever have the opportunity to visit Iceland. I regret not being helpful, but I would love that when you return from your trip you share the photos of your trip here in Steemit. The photos of the documentaries are great, but they lack the magic of spontaneous photographers.

I did the golden circle in 24 hours. I landed at 10am on the Saturday in Keflavic airport, hired a car, drive to Reykjavic to see that Viking boat, that church, then drove to Pingvellir got there about 2pm, then to the town of Geysir to see that, well, Geysir, then to Gullfoss. I then stayed at the Gullfoss hotel got there about 6pm as it got dark. Hotel is fantastic nice rooms, wifi, great local food and a hot tub to watch the northern lights at night. Then I got up at 5am and drove to the Blue Lagoon, took some photos and was at the airport for 8am to get my 10am flight back to England. It was magnificent. Cant wait to go back, and thanks for all the information Wolter this will be useful for my return

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