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2018-10-01-12-35-45-1354920511.jpegMillions of visitors travel to and around the UK every year and according to Visit Britain every corner of our beautiful islands are visited. Whether you are a British or international tourist, there is indeed plenty to see and do in the UK. If you need ideas or inspiration for where to start your tour, let’s have a look at Visit Britain’s top 10 most visited cities in the UK.
The London Eye

  1. London
    London - famous love story destinationsCasually strolling in at number #1 most visited city in the UK is our beautiful capital. Eclectic, dynamic and full of culture and history, London needs no introduction. As Samuel Johnson famously quoted, “if you are tired of London, you are tired of life”. There is something here to suit every taste, from organic and natural to outright weird and wonderful. If you are thinking of visiting

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