Out of The Gathering, trekking west across Turtle Island

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Good morning beautiful humans!

I left the Rainbow Gathering 2 days ago, and am currently road-tripping west across Turtle Island with a sister: seeing the beauty, listening to great music, and both dealing with a pretty bad head cold. (at least it didn't happen in the woods)

Unfortunately @dtube is no longer letting me publish videos, so I had to upload this to YouTube.

Over the next 2 weeks or so, I've got a variety of things that I'll be sharing with you about the Gathering, including some reflections on conflict, consensus, and open events. Between the experience of Jackalope Fest a couple years ago, and what I'm seeing at Rainbow, it's becoming ever more clear that consensus-based decision making probably doesn't have any place in open events. Without a baseline of agreements, it seems to just lead to hours of talking, usually ending with someone making a unilateral decision. Anyway, much more on that later.

I do want to share some pictures I took yesterday while we were in Jordan, MN, stopping to check out "America's Biggest Puzzle Store", which also had a bunch of awesome statues and dioramas all through it. The building was separated into 6-7 large rooms, each with a different theme... I'll be honest I only took pictures of the superhero room and the sci-fi room :-P










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America's biggest candy store... or puzzle store. Either way, very interesting. Thank you for sharing.

We had intended to hit the rainbow gathering this year and couldn't due to life getting in the way. I hope you had a great time. I am excited to see your future posts about rainbow. These pictures are very cool, what a great place to stop.

sounds like so much fun and exploration here.
Dtube is not letting you post because they have created dtube account for every steemit account - you need to login once and set your dtube private key and then post through that account on dtube - video will come to steemit too so it will look same on the frontend.

It certainly was :-)

I've jumped through all the hoops since the change, and it let me publish one about 2 weeks ago, but not anymore. It shows me as logged into both blockchains, and it goes through all the uploading and everything, but when I hit publish it just spins forever. Multiple browsers, multiple networks tried :-/

it happened with me too - you must select the dtube account and then hit upload. It might be happening that the selected account is steemit one (when this happens everything will work as expected and when you hit submit it just won't post on blockchain)