My experience cooking for the @RainbowLightning childrens' village at Arise Festival this weekend

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Hello beautiful humans!

This weekend was quite the magical experience for me, and a great way to break my month-long vacation from the outside world!

I came out to Colorado for the first time in quite a while to cook for @RainbowLightning Childrens' Village at the Arise Festival. Three years ago, Arise was my first festival, and though I had a profound experience, I haven't gone back because of the amount of alcohol & drugs amongst the general populace, as well as simply the number of amazing events that happen the same weekend.

I went back because this was the first time rainbow lightning had its own kitchen, it is a drug & alcohol-free space, and because i missed my Colorado tribe. I had no idea what the journey held for me, except connection and service.

This was by far one of the easiest cooking gigs I've had in quite some time! The kitchen was already set-up when I got there, I only had ~20 people to cook for, and we were only doing 2 meals a day.

My experience of the festival was mostly that of a family reunion; I got to reconnect with dozens of humans I love and have had profound experiences with, many of whom I hadn't seen in a year or more.

I listened to more music than probably any festival I've been to, soaking in the sounds of @gentlesouljah, @andybabbmusic, @totemuzik, @alaisclay, @starwatermagick, just to name a few.

It's always hard to pick favorite moments from something like this, but I can surely name what feels like the most impactful moment:

Saturday night @alaisclay did a "wordshop" in the Wisdom Village, where she started with a 30 minute set of uplifting & inspiring songs, then we all breathed together while David Starbear did a gong healing (I went briefly out of body at this point), then went into a song that felt like a healing written specifically for me. Right as she started, I felt something touch my shoulder, and then felt the arms of @medicineinmotion around me, and immediately began crying in her arms for the next few minutes. From there a collection of magical musical humans (including @gentlesouljah & @lallyiam) came together, freestyling, beat-boxing, singing, and playing instruments for the next hour.

I'm definitely still processing, and I'm excited to just roll this energy forward into Beloved Festival this coming weekend, followed by my second Aphrodite Temple and another Solsara inmersion... it's going to be an AMAZING month!

Thank you for dropping in with me, I am grateful for each and every one of you. Not just for reading or upvotinf or anything like that; I am grateful for your existence, gratefulto be sharing this journey with so many beautiful souls!


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Hi Kenny, just been checking the links to the musicians you mention. They all seem to have gone quiet on steem about 5 or 6 months ago.

Were they connected with your #fundthemusic project? Has that project finished now?

I would love to get some of those musicians together for a special edition of the My Life in 8 Songs show.


Many of them were funded by the project, but I also definitely noticed a LOT of folks quit being active on Steemit around the turn of the year.

This weekend they were all expressing interest in getting started again, I hope to help spark that fire :-)


Hope they come back on. They would be most welcome additions to the steem music community.

If they do come back, and are interested, I could do a special edition of the My Life In 8 Songs radio show I host with them.

really good

Very good!
I am graphic designer with 5 year strong experience.
So any work to contact me.

Perhaps you could share some photos :)

happy to see you back, being awesome as always.

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I was recently a victim of main stream propaganda and authorities abuse.

I was wondering if you would like to help me help the freedom and make my story more public Bro. It doesn't hurt to try.

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I love you soul brother
Lets talk more about solsara !


Absolutely brother! Wanna talk more about @be-empowered soon too (at which we will have Solsara introductory sessions)

Lovin' you brother, enjoy your time back east!

Nice article.

I learnt a lot and enjoyed it so much, i had to follow your profile :D

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