Checking in from the Atlan Community, see y'all in 3 days!

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Greetings beloveds!

I know I said that last video would be my last post for a few days, but there is a signal and today wasn't really a busy day since the workshop programming doesn't start until tomorrow. Since that seems to be a common theme with my recent events, I figured I would continue putting out a little check-in video showing off the beautiful forest I'm in today :-)

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This weekend I'm doing my third Solsara immersion, and next weekend I will be up on Orcas Island for Imagine Festival, if you are anywhere near by I highly recommend checking it out. There are some amazing workshops on their schedule, I'm sure the music is good too but it's all folks that I've never heard of.

this one likely will actually be my last post for the weekend, since I'll be busy from about 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day. Hope you all have a wonderful time, I know I will :-)


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Enjoy your weekend. Lots of greetings

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