Road Trippin’ With Strangers: Day Two

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Im sorry the first part was messed up but I hope you continue to follow, I also apologize in advance for the photos, still screenshots from videos for the most part.

Day two we left our campsite in South Carolina and headed towards North Carolina.



We met up with a friend of the people I was with and headed to a nearby state park (I’m sorry I don’t remember the name 😭). As we started the four mile hike the sky started to get dark. About half way to the top it started to rain, but we kept moving. Once it started to rain harder and the thunder started we camped out for a little in a cave that was along the trail. Eventually once everyone had caught their breaths and decided the rain wasn’t going to stop, we continued our hike through the storm.

After the last mile to the top we had made it above the rain clouds and onto a cliff. It had looked like we had made it to the heavens due to the clouds we had walked into. It was by far the coolest experience I’ve had.


Once the rain cleared


After a slightly dangerous trip back down, yes I fell in the mud, we headed back and had a picnic in the back of the truck. Some hummus and tortilla shells.

We finally said goodbye to the friend we had met up with and continued on to Linville Falls and Linville Caverns.






It started to storm again on our way back to the car, and I sacrificed my poncho to help an old couple out, but we finally made it back and headed towards our campsite for the night. Let me just tell you, the car smelled terrible at this point.

On the way we found this cute little resteraunt right next to our campsite and I finally had my first real meal not cooked over a campfire and boy was it delicious. 🍝

You can make some good friends when you’re all stuck in a car soaking wet and hangry for hours.
Ps. If you want to see more adventures my Instagram has a few @ kaylee.sheffield

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That was really sweet of you to offer your poncho to the elderly couple! I love the NC mountains too!