Tiki tour in Auckland, NEW ZEALAND! Slack Line, Mission bay & Penguins! Exploring our own backyard.

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This slack liner made it look easy!

Today we visited a few spots in Auckland...First up Mission bay.

(Set to HD)

Slack lining can be done by any fitness level. It builds core strength, balance & focus. It was evident when these Slack liners were setting up, that it promotes social interaction. People were taking selfies with them, engaging in conversation & clapping. It's cool to watch and instantly makes you want to fling yourself around on it. This is a pretty affordable way to exercise & doubles as a way to get some Vitamin D & enjoy nature. So many benefits.

Mission Bay

With Rangitoto in the background - A volcanic island. This volcano is only 600 years old and is one of the youngest of Auckland's 48 volcanoes. IMPENDING DOOOM!!!! Mission bay is close to our next destination..


Kelly Tarlton's Sea Life Aquarium

This place does rehab, breed & release species. We got to see up close how beautiful and funny penguins really are.


At the moment the penguins are searching for their mate ready to breed. In search of the shiniest pebble, the penguins offer pebbles to their partner then bow to each other if the courtship is accepted. There is a lot of pebble stealing happening at this time.

(Please note fluff ball in background) ^_^

Rotating ice tunnel & Curved aquarium tunnels with conveyor belts.
BeFunky Collage.jpg

Built in disused sewage storage tanks, the aquarium used a new form of acrylic shaping, which allowed curved tunnels rather than viewing areas with flat panels only, as in previous aquariums. The project is also one of the first to use conveyor belts to slowly move people through the viewing areas

If you are ever in Auckland, Mission bay waterfront & Sea Life Aquarium are good spots.


Kay x


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