Let's Take a Walk - Heraklion - Crete. Vol 1

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Heraklion is the capital city of Crete island in Greece. Being a biiig city (the fourth bigger in Greece), it has more than 150.000 inhabitants who I am sure almost double during the summer months.

It has lots of concrete, but also lots of history that is evident in its buildings all around the city. I have often talked about my city and post images about it, most of my publications you can find in my blog!

This time I will not post so many details about historical places, I will try to take you with me to a walk at the seaside promenade (Named Karavolas Park), at a small Oasis located at the western edge of the city.

I am kind of embarrassed to say so, but I had never visited that part .. so I was rather surprised

First Impression

I had to cross a very busy road, waited 3-4 minutes until I reached the stairs and the moment I am downstairs, what is the first thing I saw? There was an impressive triangle with some circles on it .. as I got blinded by the sun, I kind of forgot to check out what it was (if anybody has an idea, please enlighten me/us!)


Of course right opposite me, the blue - more heart warming and blinding than the bright sun.

So, who would you be?

Looking around me, I see this little man. At first I thought he was holding a grenade, but no. He does not look like a soldier. He might be a farmer and holding a pine apple or some other vegetable.

There was no more information on the statue so I went on walking.

It was a busy afternoon in the park, apparently many people visit it to walk, to run, to ride their bike and more. There are not so many parks in the city, that offer so much open space!

What is in your mind ??

A few meters afterwards, there is another man. Sitting. Gazing the sea.

Odd. I see no arms. I wonder what did the creator think, what did the creator have in mind about the statue's mind and thoughts? Is he happy? Is he sad?

Is he waiting for something? For someone maybe?

Then I notice the inscription below him (He seems manly to me)


And There Is The Answer to the Question. What this man is thinking is how simple the world is .. how complicated we make it..

Στην πέτρα της υπομονής, προσμένουμε το θάμα ...
On the stone of patience we wait for the miracle ...

Lets read a small part from a Greek Poet - diplomat and Nobel laureate G. Seferis

Πού πήγε η μέρα η δίκοπη που είχε τα πάντα αλλάξει;
Δε θα βρεθεί ένας ποταμός να 'ναι για μας πλωτός;
Δε θα βρεθεί ένας ουρανός τη δρόσο να σταλάξει
για την ψυχή που νάρκωσε κι ανάθρεψε ο λωτός;

Where is the double-edged day that had changed everything?
Won’t there be a navigable river for us?
Won’t there be a sky to drop refreshing dew
for the soul benumbed and nourished by the lotus?

Στην πέτρα της υπομονής προσμένουμε το θάμα
που ανοίγει τα επουράνια κι είν' όλα βολετά
προσμένουμε τον άγγελο σαν το πανάρχαιο δράμα
την ώρα που του δειλινού χάνουνται τ' ανοιχτά

On the stone of patience we wait for the miracle
that opens the heavens and makes all things possible
we wait for the angel as in the age-old drama
at the moment when the open roses of twilight

τριαντάφυλλα... Ρόδο άλικο του ανέμου και της μοίρας, μόνο στη μνήμη απέμεινες, ένας βαρύς ρυθμός ρόδο της νύχτας πέρασες, τρικύμισμα πορφύρας τρίκυμισμα της θάλασσας... Ο κόσμος είναι απλός.

Αθήνα, Οχτώβρης '29 - Δεκέμβρης '30
[πηγή: Γ. Σεφέρης, Ποιήματα, Ίκαρος Αθήνα, 2000, σ.26-32]

disappear. . . Red rose of the wind and of fate,
you remained in memory only, a heavy rhythm
rose of the night, you passed, undulating purple
undulation of the sea. . . The world is simple.

Athens, October ’29—December ’30

[source Greek English]

I would like to post more but I think it will be too much :) So I am closing here, with a beautiful image and I promise that this walk will be soon continued!

Thanks so much for visiting and for walking with me


To Be Continued ...

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Walking is one of my favourite activities @katerinaramm. Whether I am in a good or bad mood walking is always a good thing! Both statues are incredible, and I love the way you invited us to think about their identities and the possible emotions they convey :)

I am looking forward to the next walk!


My dear Abi!! I am so happy you enjoyed the 'virtual' walking with me!
My everyday's walks do not have so many interesting stories to tell (I live in a small seaside village, so I mostly see the same things daily), but I assure you that this specific walk has at least 2 more episodes :)
I will invite you over very soon!
Lots of love from Greece :)



I also live in a tiny seaside village 1 hour from the capital. But, unlike in your place I don't encounter statues and sculptures during my regular walks. Rather, I come across these guys. They are super confident! 😂 This one in particular knows how handsome he is and didn't mind posing for photos :)

All right, tea break is over at this end :P
You take good care of yourself dear Kate.
Bye for now :*


Oh he is beautiful!

You make me want to come visit. Seriously, if I did visit the Greek isles, where do you think would be the best place to start? And any chance my small dog could make the trip with me?

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Thanks for commenting my dear @indigoocean!
Actually my next part a nice dog-park created at the same area, where dogs can run, play, meet other dogs and I enjoyed so much watching them have fun!
There are so many Greek isles you could visit, it really depends on your style. I (of course) recommend my diverse Crete (beaches, culture, history) and also Cyclades Islands (beautiful architecture, cosmopolitan, unique). In Greece we are unfortunately not so dog-friendly (yet) but still, you will manage to find accommodation for both of you, for sure!

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