Thoughts from Las Terrassas and not sailing in the Greek seas

in #travel2 years ago

A week of vacay after working in the weirdest shifts in the weirdest departments due to the covid situation. I would say it is a welcome change. If nothing would have happend my ass would be on a sailing boat on the Greek island at the moment. No feeling bad about it, things are just different.


It is just a matter of how you look at it. Ofcourse I was bummed that there isn't any sailing at the moment. But nothing was lost, I was still emailing with the captain about the trip when a small voice in my head said 'maybe not book this as yet, who knows if maybe Greece will have Covid by then' not knowing that Covid would also be here in Holland way worse, but that is a different thing. I terminated the contact and booking nothing and waited. Two weeks later sh&t started hitting the fan. It turned out wise.

I had some pretty annoying conversations about vacation being cancelled with people around me. Ofcourse it is a bummer, and ofcourse it will cost money, but having your vacay cancelled the worst thing in life? It is money you had already spent, you are not loosing more all of a sudden. And look around your house, isn't there any beauty? I have discovered more around me here than I would even imagine (not entirely fair..I just moved here hahahah)


But the reality is. Here in Holland, the majority of the people still don't have it too bad. Yes ofcourse there are a lot of entrepreneurs who will file bankrupcy and yes that sucks. And yes there are a lot of people who are very much loosing their job. But the other side is a lot and I mean a lot of people still have their job. And a lot of people still have their house. And still get their support from the government. Imaginge that this was different. No goverment support, no electricity, not supplies in the supermarket (yes I am thinking post hurricane style). That is a different ballgame.

We need to think a bit more social I find. Help your friend who lost their job, let them eat by you when you still have your job. Help them of getting something temporary different. Fix your neighbours garden when they are too old and covid scared to do it themselves. Check in on those golden oldies in the neighbourhood who normally have their kids checking over them, but who are now maybe working in the front line and dont dare to visit their parents.

Just a thought. Realize that vacay and travel will most likely not get back the way as we used to know it. Maybe think about more about the other stuff closer around you. Maybe one day the Greek sea will still let me enter on a boat.


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