Travel Japan Weekly Digest - First Edition - Week #1

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Hello Steemians!

Our followers will know that we are avid travellers to Japan. Ever since we started blogging on Steemit, most of our posts are about our travels and experiences in our Japan trips. We are also always on the look out for any posts on Steemit about Steemians' travel experiences in Japan.
Hence, we had decided to start an experimental "Travel Japan Weekly Digest".
Here, we will compile a weekly list of posts on Japan Travels by Steemians.

This weekly digest will focus on showcasing the beautiful side of Japan including attractions, destinations, food, unique experience, festivals, cultures, etc.
Every week, we will select up to a maximum of 20 posts to showcase. There will be no requirements but priority will be given to:

  • posts using both the Travel and Japan tag. This will help us seek out the relevant post.
  • minnows and low rep authors
  • unique authors (one post per author per week)
  • posts appearing on @steemitworldmap Daily Digest. If your post appear there, you will guarantee a mention here
  • posts with good written content. No single steepshot or Dmania post
  • English, Japanese and Chinese language (Sorry, that's the only language we can read)

We will try our best to filter out those who plagiarise or copy contents from the Internet.

Every mentioned authors will receive an equal share of last week's digest author payout. So show us some support if you like what we are doing here :)

As this week is the First edition, we will/can only give the mentioned authors with just a nominal reward.

And so, here are the chosen 20 posts for our First edition of Travel Japan Weekly Digest, in no particular order.

@bizarro - Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto, Japan

@rt395 - Travel Tuesdays #20: Naka-Meguro Starbucks, Tsutaya And The New Station中目黒

@devtag - Kinkakuji

@maysun - Osaka Universal Studios.

@re-ki - Nagoya Castle

@kafkanarchy84 - Hadaka Matsuri: The Naked Man Good Luck Mosh Japan!

@haryanis - Seagaia Ocean Dome, Japan (Bilingual)

@anitaanita - Nagasaki Ping Hu: the island people live in the sea to make a picnic in the mountains, and live the life of the original Islanders.

@nords - 📸 Japan: Osaka Castle (大阪城, Ōsakajō) - Original film photos from 2001

@simplyyuma - My activities in Japan every summer!

@mikesthoughts - Memories from abroad - Coming of Age day in Kyoto

@kyle007 - The City of Lights - Travel pictures of Fukuoka, Japan.

@chellelbaguio - Yummy STRAWBERRY ....The farm.

@oen - Exploring Osaka - Walking Around Dotonbori

@travelgirl - Traveling the World #93 (Asia Series) Byodo-in & Phoenix Hall @ Uji Shi, Japan - 向世界出發 #93 (亞洲系列) 平等院 & 鳳凰堂 @ 宇治, 日本

@vagabundler - Cats Graffiti House in the streets of Hiroshima [JAPAN]

@koto-art - “Colorful Japan・色彩豊かな日本”/ Photography・写真(English and Japanese)

@animesukidesu - 5 Place Holiday for Otaku in Japan

@maxinpower - The Lights Of My City - Niigata is very colorful (Japan in Pictures Vol. 12, a photoblog about a fascinating country) - Die Lichter meiner Stadt (Japan in Bildern Vol. 12) ENG/GER

@narchuk - On the volcano up and down

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Good idea it's nice to see a variety of different experiences related to travel to building the community.

Wow, thats awesome that my photos are getting attention!

Thanks for posting it here! Following you to see more awesome stuff from Japan!


Thanks for the support!

Hi there! Thank you for sharing my blog! I think this is a wonderful idea! I will try to post more interesting blog day by day as much as I can! Good to have nice community like this! Thanks a lot!


Thank you. Looking forward to more of your posts.


Thank you for your message. I will post more photos soon!

Thanks so much for recognising my work :D I really like this idea! Upvoted ...



@jrvacation Hello! (๑•‿•๑)

I happened to click on this post, and was surprised to see mine listed (๑✧‿✧๑). Thank you so much! This actually encourages me to go through my travel photos and write a more detailed blog. I was originally planning to post photos with a short paragraph, but I'll try experimenting with different styles .

Thank you again for posting me here! (๑✧‿✧๑) Time to look at everyone else's posts now (๑•‿•๑).


You are welcome. Thanks for helping to promote this digest!


You're welcome! (๑•‿•๑) I only intended to read through everyone's post, but I thought they might like to know they were featured, since I was commenting anyway. My destination lists are getting longer and longer now (๑˃‿˂).

Nice digest and thank you for linking me. I would suggest using an image with each post. I would be much more likely to click on a link with an image. You are free to use mine anytime.

Keep up the good work you two and maybe we will meet someday in Japan. Cheers!


Nice suggestion about using images, rt395 (๑•‿•๑). I agree that an image would increase the chances of people clicking a post. If possible, that may be a good idea for future posts. (๑•‿•๑)


Yes I thought the post content looks abit dull. Will work on improving it next week. Thanks!

thanks for including me in your first edition - just a small suggestion, maybe you can ask the authors if it is ok to use their photos to make it a nicer layout for you guys and make people want to click into the links?


Yup will try to improve the layout and UI. Will explore and look at other travel digest to see how they do it. Thanks for the suggestion! So much more to learn from you :)

Nice idea! Happy to be part of it


Yup. Thanks!

This travel series is a great idea, it will be very helpful for travelers. I traveled to Japan in November last year and had an amazing time but still haven't gotten around to posting about it.


Ah~~ You should starting posting those and share with us!
Yes I hope this will help travellers to plan for their Japan trip.

Great initiative to get together all the Japanese travel authors and get noticed for their work. I applaud your work. As for me, I'm light years away to travel in Japan. Someday, I will go there. Upvoted!


Haha Japan is not too far away and is easy to travel. Plan for it soon!

Thanks for mentioning one of my articles in your weekly digest! I really appreciate you curating and rewarding people making making quality content regarding Japan! :) Great country with a great people. Can't wait to go back!


I agree. Great country with great people. Thanks!

Nice, got an upvote

nice recommendations, i hope i can be there someday @jrvacation

Thank for menmtioning me on your article it was so helpful to me, this idea was great cant wait to read your next article :) @jrvacation

upvoted and resteem

great post :D and thanks for featuring my post :)

Thanks a lot for sharing my post about the cats graffiti in Hiroshima! If you are interested in more graffiti from Japan, I wrote as well an article about streetart in Osaka:

@jrvacation Thank you for the mention! This is a really good idea and hope it will gain more traction in the near future!