「Wonderful Central Asia」 World’s largest spherically-shaped building "Nur Alem" in Astana Expo

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The pavilion of Kazakhstan – Nur Alem in Astana Expo 2017 is known as the world’s largest spherically-shaped building. It doesn't look that huge until you get in. The huge sphere measures 100 m high and 80 m in diameter. This wonderful piece of architecture is energy-themed as Astana Expo's main topic was future energy. There are in total eight floors, each floor has different theme, from wind energy to solar energy. The building corresponds to its theme very well, by transforming solar energy into electricity and it incorporates two noiseless wind generators at the very top of the sphere.

Now let me show you inside Nur Alem.

How it looks from the outside, doesn't seem that huge as it is.

The lift inside Nur Alem was extremely cool, love all the colors and design.


The building uses a unique type of glass that helps avoid angles and light refraction and each glass unit has been designed for its specific installation spot, creating a perfect and efficient lightening inside.


I've selected a few interesting pieces of exhibitions from each floor:

The other day I posted a video to show how it looks in the first floor if you are interested.

It was so warm inside this two storey sun.

On the floor of water energy, the floor was rejected in flowing water, so much fun!

Dancing veils.


Thanks for reading!

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今天跟我去看看阿斯塔纳的世博会的主要建筑Nur Alem,这一座巨大的球形建筑。远看不觉得有多大,进去才发现这是个巨型的球,有100多米高,80米直径。

Nur Alem一共有八层,去年阿斯塔纳世博会的时候作为哈萨克斯坦馆呈现,世博会结束以后,继续向大众公开。第一层主要是蒙古包形状的场馆,介绍哈萨克斯坦的传统文化,前两天我发了一个视频介绍这一层了。2017世博会的主题是未来的能量,这个特别的建筑本身也是很好运用了新能源,顶层运用了太阳能和风能来为场馆供电。从第二层到第八层每一层都介绍不同的能量,从风能,生物能,到太阳能,核能等等。


Joy is a half-time world traveller, half-time Steemit blogger, based in Belgium.

You are welcome to leave any comments below. :P

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哈 我也觉得真是很幸运,有机会去旅行!

Wow ... what a fantastic piece of futuristic architecture. Great blog, Joy:)

He did wonderful work that you liked me very much

你今天过的开心吗?客观渴不渴,有没有去 @laodr 老道茶馆喝口热茶啊?倘若你想让我隐形,请回复“取消”。

wow its beautiful and amazing

This is an absolute beauty.. I see a lot going into the construction of such a building..the dear

Wow, this must be the coolest building on Earth!


These beautiful sculptures produce in the people the sensation of instability and movement at the same time, through optical illusions, which change their appearance in virtue of the position from where they are contemplated and create an apparent sensation of movement by the successive illumination of some of them. his parts .

Excellent pictures my dear @joythewandere, thank you for sharing them

Very good.

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Looks like Death Star from Star Wars.