Shōchū Tasting at Japan's Shōchū Award Winning factory - SENGETSU SHUZO 繊月酒造

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Shōchū is a strong Japanese distilled spirit. When I visited Kyushu, I heard that there's a famous shōchū storehouse called Sengetsu in the city of Hitoyoshi.

Shimenawa Sacred Ropes at the entrance

SENGETSU SHUZO company was founded in 1903 with the original name MINENOTSUYU SHUZO. In 2003, to celebrate its 100th year in business, the name changed to SENGETSU SHUZO.

Kumamoto Prefecture is well known for a rice shōchū called Kuma shōchū (球磨焼酎). The name comes from Kuma river, a river running through the fog-shrouded Hitoyoshi basin. Kuma shōchū uses the water from Kuma river. The shōchū has distinctive feature: it has a more fragrant taste thanks to a long period of soaking in clay jars. During its brewery history, the company also studied oak barrel hoarding for years to improve overall quality and taste.

The distillery is open for a free guided tour at any time of its opening hours. 5 minutes after I filled in my info at the reception, the guide showed up. The tour to the distillery was conducted in Japanese only and I could barely understand anything. Yet the guide's smile and politeness made it a pleasant experience. He explained everything about how the distilling process goes and I think I could guess what he meant most of the time. In the end, you are invited to try some of the shōchū made from the factory.

the distillery

different shozu the factory makes



There are several big tables at the tasting area. You can try out 8 different Kuma Shochu, including 2 award winning shochu, "Kawabe", and "Mai Sengetsu".

The pink drink is a fruit wine, which isn't as strong as shōchū. They even gave me a cute souvenir after tasting.

In the old days, there is a custom to drink the strong Kuma shozo (that contains 35-40% alcohol) warm. Straight heated shochu is poured from a gara decanter into a choku cup.

When I got drunk aster tasting the shōchū, I saw a cute decoration somewhere. It's super cute, isn't it?

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Very nice and informative.
I am going to nominate your blog to @romanaround a steem travel fanbase and curator specifically for travel poster on steem.
Romanarounds travel Curation Project
I upped, re steemed and followed for more

Great find.. I have added @joythewanderer to my fan base on @steemauto as long as i have SP @joythewanderer will get an upvote from me. resteemed this followed and upvoted..

Interesting project you started! Thanks romanaround. I'll catch up with the travel Curation Project now.

Thank you for always having a fun blog ♫ I love sake too ♫

Thanks moromaro!

I have seen factory for the first time in my life....thanks for sharing the's seems you had a great experience out there.

Thanks for coming by, universalpro!

Authenticity BOT!

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烧就真的赞啊!尤其是烧热了喝 还有加青梅的 😋


我还蛮爱的~~ 跟黄酒的质感相似 但是更纯一点

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Lovely photos! It is really interesting, but 40% of alcohol is a bit too much :) I have never tried it hot or even warm, but i am sure that it is a very special experience. And as they say "Old is Gold" :) Ancient traditions are always better than our modern life style.

Great work!

Thanks for coming by, hanen. It was really strong, I couldn't handle much of it.

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马肉酒 我从来没喝过 好喝吗?


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I dont drink alcohol too much, but the pink drink - fruit wine gets my attention :) I would like to try it :)
Have a great day!

Have a great day to you too!

I don't drink, so my interest in the product is limited. However, your skill at showing and explaining makes it a worthwhile post for me to read.

Thanks Joy, for another wonderful post.

Thanks bigtom. :P

Yes the decoration looks cute. I wonder if the sword in its mouth has some meaning based on history or culture.

I really loved the decoration too, but too bad I didn't get the information of it.

a drink that feels in the throat, good to be sure, on planet @ jhoni I have been drinking. I have votes, thank you @joythewanderer

Thanks, jhoni :)


Thanks sardrt <3



少喝点啊姑娘 呵呵 感觉你日语不错啊


你还是蛮厉害的 我连清酒都沾了就头晕 真是cheap date啊

乖,去喝mocktail吧,我之前发现了比利时有个自创鸡尾酒叫Lazy red cheek,你回来可以去。