A regular day in Brussels, I miss it!

in travel •  2 years ago

I saw people hurrying to catch the train, who will still be late. Street artists playing the accordion at the bottom of the stairs of Gare du Nord. A homeless guy shouting "S'il vous plait" when I ran to catch my tram against the parc. In the tram, there were 2 teenagers fleeding to the back door and ready to get off anytime in order to avoid the ticket control guy, probably after checking their magic ControlSTIP app, which displays the stops where there currently is ticket checking. A gipsy woman stares at sandwich that someone holds, ready to eat. She asked him if she can have it. - it's nonsense. People who speak 7 languages - English not being one of them actually. The prostitutes downstairs , who called an old man next door "baby-boy" . I was commuting between Leuven and Brussels for a year, Between these two cities, the sky is the same, cloudy and dark gray. But, when it is reflected in all these little stories, it takes the colors of the rainbow.

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