「This is Iran」#6 My experience of wearing a chador in Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine

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Although the most instagramed spot in Shiraz being the pink mosque "Nasir ol Molk", almost all the locals will tell you to check out Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine (Shrine of King of the Light) when you ask them for suggestions. Inside Shah-e-Cheragh you can find the tombs of Amir Ahmad (brother of Iman Reza) who was killed and now buried there.


Exterior of Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine is rather simple though.

Unlike most historic sites in Iran that would charge for a standard entrance fee of 200,000 Rials, this huge shrine is free of charge. They even offered a English guide who walk you around the Shrine and tell you the story of this place.

To enter the shrine, women have to wear a chador. If you don't have one with you, no worries, they will lend you one. I got a light-colored chador and found it pretty fun to wear. I saw some women wearing those on the street and was always wondering how it feels like wearing it. It wasn't easy at all to walk around with it. Luckily there was this friendly Iranian lady who helped me wear it more correctly so that I don't need to re-put it on every 5 minutes after it went loose again.

Many Iranians I saw there were mainly tourists from other cities, they were mostly with family. I've met a few who really wanted a photo with me in my chador.



Shah-e-Cheragh Shrine is famous for its massive courtyard where the important Soefi members are buried. And it houses the shiny mirror pray rooms. I wasn't allowed to get inside the prayer rooms as a non-muslim. However I heard fellow travelers that they normally allow you to enter at evening time though. I've seen pictures of the shrine at night, also seems cool with all the lights on.

Still, the yard and decorations were for sure worth visiting themselves.







Although I was slightly disappointed that I wasn't able to enter the mirror room, the guide was super friendly by telling me I can go to another shrine called Ali Ibn Hamza Holly Shrine. It has exactly the same interiors. The mirror rooms of Ali Ibn Hamza Holly Shrine turned out to be wonderful. I will find a time to write about it another day.

!steemitworldmap 29.591744 lat 52.577477 long Shah Cheragh d3scr


很多人都知道设拉子最有名的莫过于粉红清真寺和当地特色的花园。其实粉红清真寺不大,当地人会告诉我一定要去“灯王之墓”看看。 Shah-e-Cheragh翻译过来就是灯王的意思了。对于穆斯林什叶派来说这里可是圣地,因为什叶派第七伊玛目卡迪姆的两个儿子Ahmad和Mohammad葬在这里,而卡迪姆葬在伊拉克的巴格达。






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AWESOME ! I love this post!

I have travelled to 60 countries but never the middle east! In April 2018 I am flying to Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Oman so I think I might have to add Iran to the list!

you've inspired me ;D



Thanks for coming by, I like your content! I'm glad you consider Iran as one of the next destinations. It's an amazing country!

Nice post I follow you but follow me and Upvote my posts please !
I'm student help me !


Thanks for coming by, I'll take a look.

very beautiful photos @joythewanderer


Thanks for coming by, liquidflame!

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The experiences you are having there will be amazing memories for life never to be forgotten


True, I think I'll never forget wearing chador lol.


I doubt you will ever forget it





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你現在跟我包得一樣緊啊 XDDD




好冷啊~~~ :S

乍一看 我还以为是 榭赫扎耶德清真寺呢



还是白色好看 背景黑色那几位看着感觉怕怕的●v●


是 我也觉得白色看上去比较友好呢

This looks like a pretty cool place to visit Joy, although you do look like you're wearing a bed sheet! 😁


Thanks choogirl! I see, it truly looks like a bed sheet. haha maybe that's why everyone else wear it black, to avoid this misunderstanding!

Good photos and very good post, congratulations.
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