[Armenia + Iran trip Vlog] #13 Lazy Friday street stroll in Shiraz + a failed trip to Persepolis

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In Iran, Friday is the « weekend » of the week. This Friday was 28 Safar, the death ceremony of holy Prophet Muhammad. It was an important day in Muslim world I think. When I took a walk in the morning, there was almost no traffic, which was quite rare in Iran. Normally the traffic here is as busy as that in many Chinese cities. After living in Belgium for a while, I seem to lose my skill of cross streets within heavy traffics. I felt relaxed wandering around, the only bad thing was most shops were closed. Yet for me, seeing the streets and where people heading to on a religious holiday was already interesting enough and still I was able to find some tasty cheesecakes :)

In the afternoon, I made a spontaneous plan to the Persepolis but unfortunately I wasn’t smart enough to check the opening days of the site. After waiting 40 minutes in the bus terminal and the half hour minibus ride to Marvdasht, plus a taxi ride of 20 minutes to persepolis, only to find it was closed. I was disappointed of course. Here is the only glance I took at Persepolis at sunset.


It turned out I wasn’t the only one who did a wasted trip there. When I felt kinda disappointed, then all of a sudden, there was an Iranian family who approached to me, asking why I was by myself (the most common question I got from the warm-hearted Iranians during my whole trip) and if I want photos. Firstly I said no, I guess because I was quite disappointed. But the daughter Mojdeh started some random talks with me. It turned out she just started her study in French language at Tehran University. Mojdeh was nice to offer me a lift back to Shiraz. On the way Mojdeh told me she wanted to study French because later she wants to live in Canada and how she loves heavy metal music and hates the traditions in Iran. A truly interesting girl.

That was how my Friday went. I missed Persepolis but at least I got the bus schedule and can go back any time these days. The most important is I had a chill and relaxed walk around the city and made a friend on the way.

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You are really getting to know the real opinions of some Iranian people. Great Job!

Thanks for sharing, enjoy the vote!

Good post

Follwo me

Nice video. I visited Turkey but wish to visit Georgia, Armenia and Iran. I heard that they are very nice and now after reading you blog I am more convinced :) Thank you for sharing!

hope you enjoyed yurself. there are so many beautiful places to see in Iran and be sure of that Iranian people are very nice and try to hang out with them. Iran has big history like Greek one. they Had big civilisation.



过马路心惊胆战啊 下次你可以再去呢

Hello. How are you doing?
I opened the Seoul Steempark in Korea
I will continue to promote Steemit in the future.


Nice to hear from you Roychoi. I’m good :)
Your promotion was impressive! Keep on going. I hope one day I can visit Seoul!