Chapter Eight | Crossing Germany from South to the North

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Hey Friends,
as announced in the previous Chapters of my Big Europe Tour 🌍⛺️
We are getting closer to my personal Highlight:


but in Order to get to the Scandinavian Countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland - we'll have to stray further North. As I am located in the Black-Forest, down in the South of Germany it means: crossing whole Germany to get my Scandinavia-Tour started!

But on the long Road from the South all up to the North - lies so much beautiful Cities and Ears to busk to... Germany Guide - Travelling Plan of a Local

Just enjoying my Hotelview at the Dome of Cologne 😉 ...and yes - i got a ticket for that.

Köln Girls (2).JPG
Celebrating my Day of Truth. Just speak out what you think... so i told those two graceful Women, that Iam really attracted by their nosepiercings 😛

Köln Girls (1).JPG
Truth pays off! Made two new Friends 😇 Those are the common things you wouldnt expect to get by playing in the streets, sharing your emotions and feelings with others..

Very noisy and big city - very big - very noisy. Maybe a very to much for the smalltown nature boy 🤠

Busking to get me some Sushi afterwards 🍣 🥢 Have i ever told you how complicated it is to go anywhere with all your busking gear, instead of directly home? It a torture!! Most times I walk to my car to park everything, then all the way back to the city to shop the needed stuff or getting something to eat - such a busking day is at least 20km of walking 😳

Habour of Hamburg with the Big Musical Houses in the Background - Hamburg is a really great Place to busk ⚓️

Hamburgs not just a great Place to busk, its also Home to my Brother Simon. He recieves training to be one of Germanys best Actors 😉 better watch out for him: Simon C. Burghart
Is the original M. in my Name cool? What do you think?? Johannes M. Burghart 🤔

Are you already infected by the Berlingo-Way-of-Living ?
1st Chapter - my Beginnings and Work on the Camper
2nd Chapter - The Travel begins.. Luxembourg
3nd Chapter - The Tase of Freedom.. Belgium
4th Chapter - Choco, Waffles and Deep-Friedstuff.. Belgium
5th Chapter - Cheese, Weed and Campervans.. The Nehterlands
6th Chapter - Coffeeshops, Bicycle-Nation and Busy Nightlife.. The Netherlands
7th Chapter - Preparations for the Big Travel

johannes 2.jpg

Want to see more?


LOL !! I love this. Very cool you are traveling as you are Johannes. It is good for the soul to get out and travel around the world. Be safe and as we say here in the country "Don't take any wooden nickels!"


Hey Brother,
omg feeling absolutely honored for your comment here at an article of me :)
I guess i can learn a lot of your life and travel experience!

I definitely stay tuned not only to support your great Lifeproject and Art even more to learn.
Keep your great Work up, and i promise i will...nearly discovered whole Europe on my own besides of my Guitar :) But the US over the big pond is really appealing to me, dont know where itll lead :))

yeeeehaw (:

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