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RE: 19 Years Southeast Asia - A New World Opens (Part 2) 🌴

in #travel5 years ago

Such a well explained story. I am more inquisitive about the lady as well. For once, I thought you both felt in love (Chuckles) . But then, there was a twist in the story, or that part disappeared. Waiting for your other part of the story @don-kong. Great story, sir.


Thank you so much. The next part will follow soon. I think I felt first in love, with her. With a Southeast Asian woman, it is not easy to say, if they love you, or not. But I can say clearly in my case she after a few years loved me also. :)

Do I sense that you are now together? Did you miss that part writing or is it intentional? :)

We are married and lived together until a year ago. Now she has her own home, not far from me and we are still good friends. My wife will be mentioned many times more, wait and see. :-)

I wait to read more! Beautiful.

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