Life Was Never Meant To Be Lived In One Place

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Life Was Never Meant To Be Lived In One Place

I know traveling is not that easy to achieved and sounds impossible for many, but traveling can be 4 hours away from you if you want to. Pack some bread with ham and cheese and go to hit the road. In the other hand, long trips in other countries may be very hard for most of us because of the lack of money and time.

However, this is where visualization comes along. Lots of us come from nowhere when it comes to wealthy stuff, but it should never be a barrier to go forward in life. You always have to have your head up for the next success or failure. If you don't dream, no one else will dream for your in this life.


Never say you can't afford to travel, because you will be calling more of the same thought, making it a reality. You should always leave that hope of visualization for the last card of the game. Be someone different who can see what is coming in your way before it even comes.

Go with flow and ask for traveling wishes due to life was never meant to be lived only in one place. We are explorers and adventurers that are willing to discover the unknown of all things. Do you want to get some education? Just travel the world that can transform you on a way that you will sound like an interesting person to have a chat with. Never forget your potential, it is just a matter of ASKING, BELIEVING and RECEIVING.

Many blessings to all.


"You are already amazing, don't try to be so perfect"
"Become someone legendary to achieve your dreams"
"Love is like a box of chocolates because you never know what you are going to get"
"Be there for your love ones when it rains, they know you'll stand with them when it shines"
"The power of your words depends on the power of your actions"
"Save yourself, Your Life Is 100% Your Responsibility"
"Make your future bigger than your Past"
"Take care of your dreams today, so your dreams take care of you tomorrow"
"Your kindness will always return to you in any way, shape or form"
"If you want to get an education, just travel the world"
"Beautiful things in life are beautiful, because they were hard to achieve"
"Love everybody the same way you love yourself. If you don't love yourself, you have no one to love"
"You change the world by changing yourself and providing a little bit of kindness everyday"
"Never look down on someone, unless you are helping them up"
"Take care of your body, so your body takes care of you"
"You can't give others what you don't have; If you do, you're giving part of yourself"
"Embrace your dream with passion and love, and money will come after you"

Stay blessed.

Note: Each post is created out of life experiences and personal opinion. There is nothing written in stone, your opinion is valuable and can be different.


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@javybar sir...
Thank you for this Post! You are really inpirering to me and just by reading it I want to pack my bags again. I see travel similar to you.. love how we can get richer and richer while travelling.. Just found your blog, looks really beautiful! Gonna keep on reading.. Thx again...

Traveling opens your eyes bigger that you are used to. Every time I come from a trip, I see possibilities and opportunities that I couldn't see before. It is always an awakening what traveling offers us anywhere we go. It is a pleasure to have you and I look forward in seeing you more often. Just started following you :)

@javybar sir...
Really inspiring words! I only can say Thank you, the World needs more of it.
I’ve been travelling my whole life and a few months ago I finally started my blog and with people like you, you get the force to follow your dreams…. so thanks again
And...We’re all fearing fear and yet we have to remember that those fears are often delusional, they’re not real. So once you step aside and look at the situation differently, it seems much more doable and doesn’t resemble the end of the world as much anymore… But it’s an every day challenge!..
Happy steeming...

Welcome to the blog and we are looking to see you more often to enjoy the quotes and reflexions. You are right, everyday is a challenge, but it's never impossible. Following you now :)

@javybar, Absolutely I agree with traveling. If I have ability to free time don't forget to travel naturalize place. It gives me lot of enjoy, satisfaction and relaxation. Some travel gives me meditation. Someone have big problem where's find money for travel. I accept without money we will not go outside. But for local tour no need more money. It easily can find money. But travel aboard lot of harder work. But every time see big success dream. We will swim via dream and someday we can find beautiful moments indeed travel.

nice comment, informative.
i agree with you

Thanks a lot @moon-girl


Totally agree with you my friend, as long as you keep moving, you are learning about your surroundings

yah just keep me in your minds, all the best for you.

thank you, same to you :)

great sir

Traveling open new windows of creativity, success and passion for you. By traveling you open new ways learn new skills and culture which broaden your mind and creativity. Stagnent at one place make you bore. Traveling is just like flow of water which make the water fresh where as stagnent water have bad smell. Thanks for sharing
I started posting on my home land traveling series. It will be an honor for me if you check and add few words. Thanks for sharing @javybar

Beautiful words! You are very welcome :)

I'm glad to see your informative article now. Traveling is a enjoyable moment maybe. We have only few days for free times. Other days need to working. So if we have free period definitely fly traveling. It giving opportunity to stress free. It's better for our healthy. Also mind being so clear and after travel we can start work refresh mind and it increase our productivity.

Indeed!! Traveling is one of best to enjoy our life happily and collect some good memories. thankyou for the great motivation :)

Anytime my friend :)

Wow...This is pretty motivation quote and well description @javybar. I totally agree with your ideas. Traveling wanna harder to find probably. But don't stop or remove your traveling passion. One day you can fly. Thanks it sharing.

That's exactly what really happens, you can fly my friend, keep it up! :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Buenos dias @javybar, tienes toda la razon, cuando viajas adquieres conocimiento de la cultura , costumbres, gastronomia , etc, de esos sitios , por lo que tu conversacion es muy rica en conocimiento y todos quieren saber .
Cada viaje que realizas , te da mayor conocimiento y por ende te conviertes en una persona mucho mas interesante.
Feliz dia:)

Claro que si! Cuando me encuentre cerca de Colombia le aviso! :) Algun dia muy cercano :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Bueno , me dice cual es su comida preferida y vamos con mi hijo a un restaurante , yo lo invito , ya que no soy muy buena cocinera, @javybar :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Gracias :) Veremos que dice el destino de la vida :)

  ·  last year (edited)

Nice inspiring speech....
Thats are life changing quote..
Thanks for sharing your valuable content.. @javybar

thank you for stopping by my friend. :)

okk bro

I really support your opinion @ javybar. if we just dream we do not dare, how we can realize our dreams. traveling will find plenty of experience and inspiration. if we do not have money to do it, of course there are many other ways to do it. far walk many see. so the saying goes

I also have a dream like that. Want to travel around the country though not around the world to be able to see the other hemisphere rich in natural beauty and cultural customs.

Golden words, my friend and we are all burdened of course with some framework, but who said that it should always be so and not worth changing. You are right, need to start with the desire and move on, even without enough money, and for travel, I think, in general, so little is needed, the main thing is to break the chains and gain freedom of action and thinking. Thank you @javybar

"break the chains and gain freedom of action and thinking". Now you are the one inspiring me with your words my friend. Freedom is the key for most of our issues. Keep this up my friend :)

yeah,your thought always perfect.. my dear friend.. @javybar..travelling is one of main part of entertainment and enjoy doing time in our life.i think that,its not easy for every people.because alots of money needs for that.i hope that,one day i am being a rich man in the world.i am travelling country to contru,place to place this time.really its my big dream.. how are you friend?i hope you are better today.. i want it not upvote my forget me.but when i am not forget you.because i am alltime trying comment your post..i wish that,you stayed alltime my sides..pls are you think i am bad women.. because anytime i want your upvote my link.i am not bad women.only want your support want my work .you are my best friend. so,i expect it anytime..ok..obviously take care yourself.. and best of luck of your great work. very well dear friend..your are always best for me..@javybar

It's really fun to walk around the world. A good plan will surely come easy. Plan your vacation to the place you love most ...

yap soo true that you shouuld travelled around the world explore and dont stay in one place cause it will limit your thinking power it will limit your growth mentally soo dont be in one place explore and get explore!

yes you are right although travell is not so easy but if you want you will and if you will you learn because you meet with different people
on steemit it we learn alot because we meet here with different people
Hope you will visit my blog thanks

ahan yes its really nice and yes most of the people around the world love travelling.. @javybar
i my self love traveling it help you in your mind refreshing and yes in meeting new people and explore more new..


  ·  last year (edited)

great writing,amazing post,very good article,Yeah we should not always remain in one place that's boring, traveling is really fun expecially with my dear friend @javybar,thanks for share,

Anytime! :)

Very good post @javybar, your words can always be a very good motivation for all of us. Sometimes we do have to go a long way to get a better life, because it could be where we live, can not get a job from the skills we have, so we have to go somewhere else. Because of the success it takes a very big struggle, and we must be clever to see these opportunities. Thanks for sharing... :)

Totally agree with you my friend. Success is full of failures. It is a total failure when we give up, otherwise, it is still the path to success. Thank you for your contribution :)

great article,A man of conventional ability will dependably be standard, regardless of whether he voyages or not; but rather a man of better ability will go than pieces in the event that he remains perpetually in a similar place,my dear friend @javybar,thanks for share,

To live this life is very difficult and painful, must drain the sweat to earn a bite of rice. I see in the country where I live many successful people, people who go out to wander to the big city, because in big cities there are many opportunities for us to show talent that we have. In essence, if we can not succeed where we live, we should try to go elsewhere. Travel the world, until you can succeed. Thanks for sharing @javybar

Excellent! Thank you stopping by and you are very welcome :)

As always you are right. Travel gives a person a breath of fresh air, pleases the onset of future changes. We all feel it. That's why it's so important to travel. It's impossible to measure the value of what the journeys give to a person. For each person in travel is a huge benefit. Thank you for sharing.

you are very welcome :)

Hi. @javybar
Yes, the trick is that life is so great that we should enjoy and travel whatever the circumstances
We did not have the money to be able to cover up. I made a trip for 3 months with friends without money
Maraik in yesterday's proposal
In addition to thank you for your continuous help me you are not how grateful I am

I'm so unemployed I'm sorry

very impressive, find the way to do that more often and you will be traveling without money :)

Yes my friend did not tell me what in the proposal that I suggested that I can post a lot to me that I am unemployed and standing in front of the computer screen

life is so great,,it can give us a great pleasure no dout ,,
home is important think..
but its so inportant think to travell,,it give s us a great enjoy and a lesson of great experiance ,by dint seeing new places, meeting new faces, and challenging myself daily with new scenery, smells, languages and cultures,,we can collect a vast of knowledge ,,its so graet ..for allof us to travelling ..
i appreciate your post great interest ,,thanks for share

dear @javybar

Well said, my friend @javybar, our life should deserve better and should not stand still! The journey is a great feeling, because we can see new horizons and communicate with new people, acquire new knowledge and find new opportunities, most importantly on the road we can see ourselves in a new way and it does not matter who we are and how much money we have and it's great!

I deeply agree with you. When it comes to exploring and traveling, we are all the same experiencing the unknown. Thank you for your contribution :)

So true! There is a will, there is a way.Thank my friend!

very well said :)

To sit at home is like living with blindfolds. People need to travel. We are looking for new emotions, impressions. People exchange experiences, communicate, get acquainted. Even without knowing the language, we understand a friend without words, because feelings are exacerbated.
We travel because we want the eyes to rejoice, and the heart was delighted. We will have something to remember, there will be something to tell. We will be able to show not someone else's photos, but our own - it's all possible. The main thing is to start. Thanks to me it's time to travel :)))

You are very welcome, thank you for your contribution :) my friend

Travelling is most important things in our life if we want to know the world, meet with world culture and learn some new maybe it's better than ours as we shouldn't live in one place. Sir you are really a great man as you always sharing your beautiful thoughts with us. I appreciate your besutiful thoughts. Thank you, Happy Labor day.

travel is one of the great enjoyable thing that feels by the heart,,,when mind is blocked,,Mood become bored,,Travel is needy for refreshment,,,otherwise if you want to see or judge the beauty,,i think you will go ahead and find all these mystery,,Thanks for sharing,@javybar

Very nice! Keep that up my friend :) Following you now

the opportunity to come and go, and I will hold tight when the opportunity comes, a great gift in your life @javybar, and I really want to be like you, never wasted a chance coming

Opportunities and chances come and go like you said. The key is to grab one of them and make the best of it in order to liberate yourself from negativity. I think this journey is just starting and we should all be looking carefully of all the opportunities that are being created right now because they will be life changing :)

Yeah we should not always remain in one place that's boring, traveling is really fun expecially with friends, thanks for sharing @javybar

It is the best when you travel with friends, I recommend it :)

After reading your post , I am decided to walk as much as I can in this evening.

enjoy the walk my friend :)

Hi @javybar, I feel obliged to respond to you. Yes 'life was never meant to be lived only in one place.'

You don't commit yourself to live and die in one place, that's not what living a life means. Everyone must put it as a goal to make it a point that traveling must be accomplished in one's lifetime, to enjoy oneself, meet new friends, encounter new cultures, and make more sweet memories along the way.
Stay blessed!

lovely words my friend. Impressive movement you have in your blog. Traveling is like a healing process we can to enjoy. Getting to know cultures and having adventures feed our soul. I appreciate you stopping by. Looking forward to see you more often, Thank you :)

Okay, will try to drop by more often :D
Yes, the Hello Hello Group has entered its eighth edition... am so proud of them.
take care @javybar and Stay Blessed!

I believe you, when we are sure will come a chance by itself, and I am sure at some point I will have an opportunity like you, travel to many countries, see the extent of the world, enjoy the diversity of cultures. success always make you @javybar

I waited many years to go to places my friend, it was all worthy. Do what you can and visualize you will accomplish it :)

What a great writing!

I think, the technique of writing, study and deep appreciation make this all so perfect.

Very touching motivation! Thanks My Dear Friend :)

I totally appreciate it my dear. It is an inspiration for all of you to start dreaming bigger. :)

Very much impressive post, specialy the line, if you don't dream.. ...Thanks for sharing such an inspirational post, if you ever plan to visit India please be my gaust. Wish you all the best for fulfilment of your dreams my dear friend.

Thank you Maya, If I travel to your lovely land you will know, :) Thank you

  ·  last year (edited)

Indeed we were not created to live life at one place we were created to explore the world and its fullness.

I love traveling a whole lot, in fact in my country Nigeria I have traveled to over 20 different states.

Not just traveling, I also try as much as possible to learn the culture of those places.
And I have been able to learn a whole lot.
I basically can speak 4 Nigerian Languages; that's not including the English Language and Pidgin Language (Broken English)

Intellectually too exploring has also improved me.

Never say you can't afford to travel, because you will be calling more of the same thought, making it a reality.

This is a keeper

Wow your knowledge is very impressive. You definitely have skill to go anywhere you want. Very interesting, you can go anywhere you want. I started following you. That quote is really a keeper my friend :)

Never say you can't afford to travel,
travell does not mean you decide to go some where in Switzerland. It can be even a lake situated near your residence. basic them of travelling is relax your mind, give opportunity to you family to spent lauire time.No doubt doing job or business 5 days in a week really a tough one. so we should take atleast some time for travelling to natural sights nor shopping to other cities and we say we did travelling

That's exactly what my message is. People put a lot of limitations in their head and don't live the way we all should. Thank you for the suggestion for all if us :)

thanks bro

Well once you hit the road it becomes easy.While if you stay out at home it never is gonna happen.
While some conditions must be met but is us who decides how to spend our time :)

Absolutely you say right travelling as much as you can as far as you can i love to travel different with my friend and specially kashmir my favourite i really last time i visit there..

Yeah love of my life travelling😍😍❤❤❤
This post is awesome😇😇 thank you @javy❤❤

Super best is travelling with buddies nothing could be better than this ❤❤. Exploring world with besties is love of life😘

Traveling with besties is the best!

That is why I like travelling. Only it can give me immense joy in life.

Exactly that's what I also think same. Traveling is an adventure which is crucial to enjoy your life. Travelling can be away from your home to another city for a while.

really showing very good quote.i like travelling.i am always doing visiting place to place,my country.i love travelling.because, it gives me alots of enjoy and fun moment in my,travelling is a amazing part in my life.thanks to sharing for your good post ib your dear best friend.. @javybar

Love to to know that. It is true, the time I view your blog, you are always into something or somewhere. Keep that up :)

yes,i am always travelling my country place because its my favorite.because i am want to know my country all place history and nature beauty matter.thank you for your nice dear friend of luck of your great work..

Very true. People should travel more even locally in the same country. It doesn't have to be expensive places, but can be directed to nature spots. Thank you :)

Travel does amazing things to your brain and soul. It makes you a more awesome person. An article on Buzzfeed talks about how traveling affects our mind.

It’s difficult to envision something outside your country bubble. Traveling opens your mind to new things and possibilities

traveling is not just going from one place to another!
it's about visiting the place with your full attention and interest. and that will force you to know about the place which you are traveling more deeply,
and you'll feel happy to know culture, way of living of the people and you will enjoy it.

I love traveling!
as by now, i can't afford it, but i'm collecting some bucks to full fill my dreams of traveling in the near future!
and will share with you all!

I will be waiting for your share my friend :)

for mine sir

great i am waiting Allah bless you

Excellent article. I like to travel, and I am sure that I will spend a lot of time traveling in the future. For many pessimists, I want to set an example of how I started traveling. Since the school days, I've always loved to go home in different ways. Love to follow new paths remains with me now. Good luck to you and Love.

Отличная статья. Я люблю путешествовать, и уверен, что проведу много времени в путешествиях в будущем. Для многих пессимистов, хочу навести пример того, как я начинал путешествия. Начиная с времен школы, я всегда любил идти домой разными путями. Любовь идти новыми путями остается со мной и сейчас. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Thank you my friend, You are a traveler by nature. I'm sure you will be traveling more :)

Our life fully like a adventure and we have liked to travell then this adventure can be removed from our life.

Yes, I know that money shouldn't be a barrier to travel.
But travelling the world has always been my dream, you need money for that.
And I intend to work for it and be able to do it one day

Never give up my friend, it took me years to go to some place. Just be consistent and imagine the possibilities.

The possibilities
That's what drives me

A male of everyday talent will forever be ordinary, whether he travels or not; but a staff of elder talent will enthusiasm to pieces if he dead body evermore in the consistent place.

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

Thank you very much :)

A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary, whether he travels or not; but a man of superior talent will go to pieces if he remains forever in the same place.

spot on that's come again? I besides mull over same. roving is an adventure which is crucial to get pleasure from your life. Travelling be able to be missing from your domicile to a new capital for a while.

I feel like I've always wanted to live in one place and stay in one place, but I always end up choosing things that make me travel.

Destiny is always unpredictable my friend, just go with the flow and enjoy your traveling. :)

good article,@javybar,,
You writing is so skillful,,
Travel makes fit and fresh,,Importance of Traveling..

Thank you very much :) Following you now :)

A man of conventional ability will dependably be standard, regardless of whether he voyages or not; but rather a man of better ability will go than pieces in the event that he remains perpetually in a similar place

so he is a friend if your thoughts are positive, your life will always be positive full of joy and everything you ask God will help you,
never feel discouraged because you can not travel grab your backpack and go for a walk.

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im glad to read that at the begining of my day : Travel as much you CAN , As far as you CAN , as long As you CAN , Life"s meant to be LIVED in one place!!
thank you!

read it everyday and you will always be in many places :)

Yeeahh its my big dream and i work hard for it:)

I also think there is no people who don't like travelling.Bt they are still so far with travelling

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To provide you more inspiration!

Travel has a way of stretching the mind.

We need to explore different places through travel. We come across many people, their cultures, their way of living and many other things. We do make new friends and interact with amazing people. So as conclusion I can say traveling gives you a new experience.

Life is very short and we should enjoy our lifes by traveling. Traveling can make your life more enjoyfull it can give you alot of knowledge .

Yes dear traveling is the special space in your life and I also like traveling some days ago I also travel in naran kaghan this is the most beautiful place I really enjoy this travel and get new things
I am also a tourist thanks for this inspirational post

You are right dear @javybar I really appreciate your thinking
I like travel in other places
Travel give you knowledge and most important this will give you information of the beauty of nature
It's my dreams to I travel in the whole world
Thanks for your inspirational post dear

your thinking is great sir

It's most fascinating topical discussion @javybar. Exactly I love to go around and aboard. But money is a big barrier to me and family. We can travel around my country. But cannot travel aboard without lot of wealth. But everyone try to success our reality.

That's almost everyone's story my friend, start visualizing and believing being some place else. It took me years but I was able to. Wishing the best for you :)

Traveling make you healthy and dont say I cant afford expenses

Expenses are a big hurdle for many people! As you said traveling make you healthy, I don't think only traveling is the thing which makes you healthy! But you can say traveling is one of those which makes you healthy.

Wow nice place thank you for shere.....dear @javybar

I am a traveling lover but due to my work routine and unable to figure out the time and finances. I am bound to be at home most of the time. However, when I am out with my friends I feel so out of this world as I have many things to share with them and give myself an oppertunity to share my thoughts with them. I understand the thing that our life is temporary so why not spend it with your loved ones by spreading joy and happiness and keep sharing our good thoughts with them and listen to them in return.

You are right @javybar if you want to aducation then you should travel to the world

I also love traveling. I visit many place in Bangladesh with my friend.I enjoy this moment.

it sneedto travelling ..
i mean travel enriches us, opens our mind and our heart.
thanks for share this great post i agreed 100%

Your speech is so nice. Sometime I also think like that
Great thinking.

life is name of moment from one place to another enjoy in different region

Catalyst post ,Travel for me to know the taste of life

I love to travel, I want to travel across the country, when I see the whole country, I'll start traveling abroad.

Yeah you are right
life is not stay in one place

Life is all about living the moment and facing the fear with that adrenaline rush : )


beautiful travel Thanks for sharing i will done upvote.

More travel more experience, I agree we cannot live in one place forever @javybar. where is your next trip would be?


Our life is not comfortable
that's why we need to struggle in other place at a time
because life is not live in one place