Moal Boal to Alegria (Philippines Route Guide)

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Hi Steemit so I'm sure some of you are looking to travel the Philippines so here's a guide to tell you how to get from MoalBoal to Alegria on the island of Cebu. This is a very simple journey especially if you read my previous post about how to get from Cebu to Moal Boal.


All you need to do is head back out onto the main road where you got off the bus from Cebu which is located here if you've forgotten. And hop back on the same bus going the same direction down the coast of Cebu. When you hope on the bus let the driver your going to Alegria and try to let them know where your staying and they'll drop you off at the best spot. The bus ride from MoalBoal to Alegria cost us 35 Pesos each for the journey and it think it took us about 30 minutes but I'm not certain as I didn't time it.


You'll pass through the town of Badian which is where you may have visited Kawasan Falls and done the Canyoneering ! I'd highly recommend doing this by the way, It can also be reached easily from Alegria if you hadn't had the chance to do it.


Hope this post is able to help somebody out, I'll be creating them for all of our trips throughout the Philippines.

Thanks for reading,

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wow, looks gorgeous. will u bee my guide?
do they let horses on boats?

Sure, not sure if they let horses haha

This place looks to beautiful. Tnx for your guiding.

You should go :)

Looks like a cool place... :)

Yes it is :)

Great place! will visit this next time! thank you for sharing.

Definitely worth a visit

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