Getting Sick In Koh Tao (Everything Happens For A Reason)

in travel •  6 months ago

Hi everyone! One of my worst travel experiences has got to be the time where I got sick during my time in Koh Tao. I went to the island of Koh Tao located in the south of Thailand in the hope of being able to learn to dive with all the beautiful fishes and wildlife living in the ocean. This did not happen ..... I got the Flu the day before I arrived and I was sick for the next five to seven days. I lost all my positivity and just wanted to return home to my bed. When I finally started to feel better I was trying to decide whether I wanted to go out and learn to dive but I was still feeling super low with myself and left the island heading back to Bangkok where my South East Asian trip had began a few weeks earlier.


This turned out the best decision I had ever made in my life ! I ended up meeting an amazing Mexican girl who I have now been travelling with for the following five months. We have been through so much together in this time and I don't know where I would be if I didn't meet her. Probably back home in England if I'm honest but she cheered me back up and even ended up cancelling her flight to Singapore in order to travel with me. Since October 28th we have been through northern Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines and Malaysia together.

We hope to have so many more amazing adventures together !




Basically everything happens for a reason and good things will always happen in the end !

Thanks for reading,

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Great to hear this little love story! It did start off with a negative, but positivity triumphs and it's good to hear you're still travelling with her. Is she on Steemit? And where are you guys now? 😊


Yeah the past few months together have been so memorable ! She's not on steemit no she has other work that she does online 😊 I'm in Malaysia and she's just gone to Singapore to explore for a bit ☺️


Ah cool! Yes Steemit does eat up a lot of time. One should see it as a hobby/basic passive income first before living off the platform fully. If there are other ways of making money online that requires your time and attention then that's probably a better route.
Coolio, still in the region. Enjoy your time in Malaysia and if you guys are ever in Bangkok again; you have a contact 😊


No worries will do thanks 😊

I agree with that and I always believe in that saying. Everything happens for a reason


It certainly will !

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I'm glad you still enjoy your travels. There are circumstances we thought it is against us but in the long run its actually a blessings in disguise:)


I've been very lucky 😊

Aww, that is a sweet story :)) What are your plans for future guys?


Yep I love how we have a nice story to it 😍 I'm going to Hong Kong for a week or so and she's staying in Singapore for a little bit ☺️

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Haha, I wish my travel horror stories ended that happily. But yes, I do believe everything happens for a reason.