Favourite Cambodian Foods

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Hi Steemit so I've made a blog post similar to this for every country I've visited across South East Asia and here's another one. This one has probably been the hardest for me to decide what to include partly due to not finding many amazing local dishes when compared to the likes of Vietnam and Thailand but here we go.

The first food on the list has to be Lok Lak is a dish traditionally made with beef but other meets are often used. The beef is generally sliced and stir fried, the dish will be served with onions, lettuce and tomatoes. You will often also be given a mound of rice with a fried egg placed on top. This is probably my favorite Cambodian cuisine its so simple yet delicious like a lot of the best foods are.


Next up we have Amok which is a traditional Cambodian curry ! Another super simple dish not containing many ingredients. You'll generally have fish/chicken with lemongrass, fish sauce, sugar, turmeric and chilies.


And my final choice for today is going to be a fried fish mixed with ginger, lemongrass, tomato and pineapple that I had during my stay in Kampot at a brilliant local restaurant. Unfortunately I do not name of this dish but I'll be making a full blog post about the restaurant and if any of you are in Kampot you definitely should visit the restaurant.


(UPDATE) Here's a link to my blog post about my favorite restaurant in the whole of Cambodia. If anybody has any other amazing restaurants that I need to check out please post them down below :)

Thanks for reading,

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oh man it looks yummy! Especially the last one with the cilantro. Does that mean you won't be in KL this weekend though?


It does mean I won't be in KL this weekend - My posts are all over the place because I'm actually back on the Philippines not Cambodia or Malaysia 😂 Just got so many blogs in the pipeline. I'm confusing you !

The food looks tasty and I'm sure it's delicious :D I will make sure to try these when I get to this place :)


Always eat local 🌶️

Oh, I'm saving this post cuz I'll be in Cambodia in 2019 so I'll know what to eat :) thanks


Ooo enjoy ! Have an amazing trip !

Food is one of the reasons why we love to travel ... the Cambodian food looks delicious!


I totally agree ! Food is a awesome benefit of travel

Yes please! Everything looks delicious :)
Never had anything Cambodian.


You should definitely try these foods if you visit 😊

I look tasty never tried any Cambodian food yet only vietnamese when I lived in Sydney tried some food of my flatmates but it should be a different food tradition.


All Asian food is amazing I love it 😍

Lo south east Asia and food...what a pleasure for senses


I love it ! The food makes me so happy !

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I'd go for the fish amok 1st but all 3 are firm favourites (I'm English so 'favourite' is spelt with a 'u' always will) making me very hungry @itsben munchie time! Be happy & (keep) smiling my friend :)

Oooophhh never had Cambodian food before but it looks so delicious! Is fish/seafood widely eaten there? Based on the post it seems like it is! 😻