Chocolate Hills And Tarsiers of the Philippines

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Hi Everyone probably the main attraction for anyone visiting the island of Bohol in the Philippines is going to visit the chocolate hills and the Tarsiers. So we joined the endless flow of people heading towards the chocolate hills in search of that instagramable or perhaps steepshotable picture.


We headed out on our motorbike for the 20km drive through the winding roads until we finally reached the chocolate hills. Doing this you'll actually pass through the ''man made forest'' and past the ''tarsier conservation area''. We chose to go to the chocolate hills first as we were told the Tarsiers were more active around 1pm .... It didn't appear to make much difference though they were still tired little things ahaha.


Onto the chocolate hills ! We paid the workers on the front gate a small fee in order to park our bike and then proceeded up the final hundred or so steps to the top of the mound where all the tourists were huddled taking there pictures. We waited around and managed to get a number of shots without any other tourists obscuring the view which always keeps me happy. Just be aware there will most likely be loads of tourists around not always how the pictures get portrayed. I even managed to do one of my classic jumping poses that I do at all the main tourist attractions that we visit.


After we were finished taking pictures we were still really impressed with how unique these hills are. I would recommend you see these unique hills at least once in your life. And based off the quick bit of information on one of the signs by the entrance they were formed by corals.

Onto the tarsiers ! These little buggers were very weird and when we went we were not that impressed by them. They were so small and not active in any shape or form. It only costs 60 Pesos to go round the area where they are located but we were not that impressed by these little guys.


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