Cebu to Moalboal (Philippines Route Guide)

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Hi Steemit so I'm sure some of you are looking to travel the Philippines and this is a fairly common route that people will take once they have arrived in Cebu either by Air or by boat. In my opinion the best and cheapest way to travel throughout Cebu is by catching one of the busses that tours round the island.


To do this to get to MoalBoal or any of the locations in the southern side of Cebu you should go to the southern bus terminal which is located here :


Once your at the bus terminal is will seem all a bit daunting as there is loads of different busses and it can be a struggle to know which one you should be taking. Just go to one of the doors that has a number above it and ask one of the lovely conductors. They'll then be able to point you in the direction of the correct door number in order to catch the bus to your desired location. As soon as we asked there was a bus ready and waiting for its last few passengers and it was ready to leave we took our seats right at the front of the bus ready for the 3 - 5 hour journey ahead of us.


The bus will be very cheap especially if you take a non AC bus which aparantly was the only option for us .... who knows if this is true ahah. It cost us 115 Pesos each to travel from Cebu to MoalBoal which we were so happy with. You purchase your ticket on the bus once its started moving and the conductor will punch holes in the ticket slip. One half indicated the distance your travelling and the other half indicates the cost in Pesos for your journey.


If you are stopping at a main location like MoalBoal they will let you know when its time to get off but its probably best to remind them so you don't end up missing your stop. Here's where the bus stopped for us and it looked to be the spot where it would always stop for people getting on and off at MoalBoal.


Hope this post is able to help somebody out, I'll be creating them for all of our trips throughout the Philippines.

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You have a minor typo in the following sentence:

In my opinion the best and cheapest way to travel throughout Cebu is by catching on of the busses that tours round the island.
It should be one of the instead of on of the.

To 'grammarnazi' above - you missed that spelling for more than one bus is also buses :) :)

Cebu has very nice beaches but I've only been in Malapascua Island and Plantation Bay .

Enjoy your time in my home country @itsben!

Taking the bus is quiet cheap but challenging soometimes. :) Enjoy your trip.

Thanks for this guide, the Phillipines are only a cheap flight away from Taiwan, so I might make it there soon!

Thanks for your helpful guide, looks like worth a visit to Moalboal, despite a fairly long journey on one of the buses :)

@itsben upon seeing your post I know I have to thank you.
Thank you for showing everyone the beauty of my country just by simply being there. surely it has a lot to offer so please do enjoy!