Siquijor Island : be enchanted in the Island of Fire Part III

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Callled Isla del Fuego by the Spaniards of long ago, we didn't stay till dark to check how much the island will be lit by fireflies after dark. Not that it's still applicable nowadays but we will never know. As our Island tour took a few hours riding along the coast, encircling the island, residential houses and a few establishments already lined the shore in some municipalities. Outside the main towns for example, the road going to the famous Balete tree was noted with occasional residences and are far from each other, typical of far flung towns outside the city.

I kind of like the fact that this island is not full of tourists as yet, perhaps its' stories of mysticism is still keeping them away? Part of me wants it to stay that way, to not become like what happened to Boracay.

There's a lesson here for everyone, let's look after our environment please and leave it as we find it.

Salagdoong Beach

With what little I know of Siquijor, the municipality of Lazi have the most sights to go to and Salagdoong beach resort is a place to not miss. If cliff diving is your thing, this is the place. If to just sunbathe with or without a book, that's just one of the choices after enjoying it's white sand and blue waters.

Let's go?

From the main road, a concrete path covered with molave trees, leads to the resort.

We met one truck going to the opposite direction, after that, the road was ours. One thing to not miss is to take photos of those molave trees.

It was just a short ride going to the resort from the main road, though not a smooth ride. But once you get there, you may not want to leave. Having an entrance fee for just a dollar or even less, there were a number of families and a few foreigners doing their own thing. It have a bar/cafeteria facing the shore, with a few cottages in between. In the distance are floating tiny cottages and a concrete bridge was noted on the side going to a tiny islet where people were in line to cliff dive.

People were swimming and having a picnic at a cove further on the side. I don't know why but going swimming no longer interests me. Perhaps if in a group that might change.

We had a beer at the bar, gazing at the sea. Somehow, that was more enjoyable as away from the sun. But don't get me wrong, it is a beach resort. I was looking for some swings by the beach but there were none.

Perhaps those floating tiny cottages in the middle of the azure waters was more appealing?

Care for a swim?

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All images are mine, taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7.



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I would definitely go for a swim if I was there @immarojas. The resort looks lovely.

I even went in about two thirds of the way here, yesterday. I couldn't quite being myself to swim off as the water's still only 16 degrees but it was so hot I needed to cool off.

I'll probably go down to the beach again later and maybe give it another go! 😊


Oh you would definitely love it here Gillian like non-stop swimming around those floating mini-cottages. My treat of ice bucket of San Miguel..tastes like cider. Mild the way i like it.


All I would need is a little less heat and it would be perfect for me @immarojas.

I went to the beach this morning to try and cool down but came back after an hour because there was no shade and I couldn't stand it.

it was 27.5 degrees in the house last night and with all the windows open the temperature is still rising. 😱

There is a breeze but it's not cool.


Oh it's way hotter here needing an AC or in the pool under the shade.

tempting and seductive.


pretty much!

wow that looks gorgeous !


Yeah...warmer water than Brighton😁🤣

Awesome photography dear @immarojas. I hope I will also visit this place one day...


It's just waiting to be discovered due time.

one of the best spot in siquijor.. kaso mas gusto ko parin yung less crowded...

· Siquijor kuya or elsewhere? Like in Bayawan?


elsewhere lng po.. I'm a kind of person kasi na mas gusto ko yung little bit of privacy... basta hindi lang yung sobrang dami kasi d kna mag eenjoy... I like bayawan din.. problema lang yung transportation pabalik..


We went to Basay but it's private and undeveloped pa. Cliff diving siguro pwede don as wala sand.

it’s a awesome place to visit…have a nice day …best of luck


Yeah, one day wasn't enough.

when are you coming back here.. with me and the gang. haha


Haha lola am back na☺

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