#18 The Best Celebrations in the World! September Part 1 (Haas Picks)

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Welcome back to the best celebrations in the world!
For the people that missed the first editions, travelers always like to be part of something new and unique. Traveling is all about exploring and meeting people as well as creating lasting memories.
Most people that travel don’t plan everything and go with the flow, they depend on other travelers on where to go or you can just make sure you read this post.

Keukenhof 13.png

Within this topic of my blog I will take to the best celebrations in the world by month, so don’t confuse this post with my other series “the best travel destinations” this one will be more about celebrations hosted all around the world, so be sure not to miss out and enjoy!
Are you ready for the best celebrations in September!

Flowers in the Netherlands
The Netherlands is all about flowers and its one of our biggest export products! Every we as a country ship millions of flowers to all over the world! So big chance that the flowers you have at home or in your garden are from here. Every there is al tulip festival called “Keukenhof” I visited that festival earlier this year and even blogged about it. In the month of September there are other flower shows that are for sure worth a visit. This time they are not displayed in a very nice park but part of a big parade!
It’s basically a parade of floats and cars very nicely decorated. The parade I suggest is hosted in Aalsmeer and the parade runs for over 10km. on average over half a million flowers are used to decorate all the cars. So if you want to be part of something typically Dutch you know what to visit.

celebration september pic 2.png

celebration september pic 3.png

Buffalo Racing
I traveled Asia for six months when I graduated years ago and it was my first time away from home for that long and also the first time I was able to discover a culture completely different then my own.
I think the travel bug I have now started the day I left on this super nice trip. I visited many Asian counties and ended up in Australia as well.
One country I did not visit yet is Cambodia, I would love to make it one day. But for all the travelers that are currently in the country or about to go, I would like to tip you on the Buffalo Racing ceremony held just outside Phnom Penh.

See Buffalo’s and horses ridden through the narrow streets of the village, the race marks the end of the Cambodian festival of the Spirits of the dead. Cambodians decorate the heads and horns of their water Buffalo and take to the saddle. Sound like a great celebration to be part of to me.

celebration september pic 4.png

International Balloon Fiesta
For all my European friends I found something on the British mainland that would be fun to visit. It features the largest mass lift-off of hot-air balloons in Europe! Head over to Bristol to see the sky filled with balloons of all colours, shapes and sizes! The day starts at 06:00 Am and end at 06:00 PM so a long day of fun waiting for you. Are you up for it?

celebration september pic 5.png

Hope you liked this countdown of the best celebrations in the world! Some of them maybe weird but they for sure will be a fun day out. The World has so much culture and events to offer us.
Where would you see yourself go?
Will be sharing the next part of next month soon.

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Yeah, cheese and tulips, many tulips.. that what I remember from my visit of Netherlands. Even I dont know they have tulip festival :D
Great colourful shots! :)


I like them all but I am a sucker for hot air balloons so I could see myself at the International Balloon Fiesta. I wish I could attend all the celebrations. They are all so different!


I know always when i do research i feel like i am missing out on so much fun in the world! next list will come out shortly. would you dare to use a Hot air balloon?


There is something magical about a bunch of hot air balloons floating but I never thought of myself being in one, haha. Which one would you pick?

wow such a great combination of picture and nice discription. welldone dear