Did you miss me? Adventure to Canadaland Pt 1

in travel •  5 months ago

This is the longest I have ever gone without being on Steemit! It was my 1 year anniversary and we didn't even get to celebrate!


As some of you may remember me saying a month ago (yes, it's been that long now- crazy, right?) I am visiting my fam-jam in Canada for the first time in 2 years so it's kind of a big deal and thus, I have been spending zero time on my laptop which is how I connect to you all! ;)


That said, I have been having an amazing time at home! Everyday, true to form in my life has been an adventure so I will have to sneak some time away to get caught up on here but for now, I just wanted to drop in and share a quickie update of what's been up since landing in my beautiful homeland!

Did you know that Toronto is one of the top rated vegan-friendly cities in the world?

I flew into Toronto and have been back to visit twice since I got home and each time I have tried to eat at as many of the super creative restaurants lining the "six" (that's street slang for Toronto*) ;)


On a hot day, one might pick up an icecream cone by the water, a favorite past time of mine. With the sun shining down and everyone and their dog walking around with a cone in their hand, I decided to get my own! Well, turns out that this vegan icecream is my new bestfriend. This stuff is to die for! Endorsement! ;)


I've also been learning how to BBQ, an extension to my cooking repertoire. My mom's been enjoying veggie a la BBQ since I got here- she's even invited her friends over to see "what vegans eat!"

I'm still working on it!

Remember when my poppa bear came to visit me in the winter and I tried to get him to eat healthier?

papa nacho.jpg

He made me these incredible vegan nachos that are (drum roll please...) a part of his new vegan menu! How cool is that?

So, as you can see, I have been one busy gal!

I love traveling the world and I love my little paradise in Bali but home will always belong to my heart and I am really valuing being able to spend time with family and enjoy the beautiful Canadian summer!

I have a couple of weeks left and I plan to be glued to my momma's side the whole time so....

Don't miss me too much!

See you soon!

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Come visit USAland. lol

Welcome back. I am so glad to hear that you had a good visit back home here in Canada. You weren't far from me up here in Ottawa. I enjoy visiting Toronto but am always happy to leave, the traffic drives me crazy. If I never had to drive there I would like it more. LOL

It's so wonderful to go home after many years and embrace your loved ones! I'm deprived of this happiness! I wish you enjoy every minute! See you in Asia! I already bought a ticket to Hong Kong for October and I'm looking for a place to spend the winter. Will it be comfortable in Indonesia from October to March? 😍😘😗😙

Damn right I've missed you! You need to at least let me know that you at least have a pulse. Consider yourself chewed out.

That said, your post made me smile. I'm really glad you are getting to spend some time with family in Canadia. It is a beautiful country, and I like it too. I didn't cross the border this trip but I was pretty darn close a number of times. Next year I am planning to ride the Maritimes, a trip several years in the planning.

Good to see you kid. Glad you are having fun and enjoying your time. That's the really important part, enjoying your time.

So good to hear from you, glad you are sharing your vegan love with family. I'm sure they are very impressed! Grillin...now you can take that to Bali and do your magic. Nothing like lovin on your momma...enjoy it. :)

Oh my goodness Sweetie you are actually here in Ontario! What city ecactly? I live in Mississauga 🌸💖🌸

What a gorgeous bathing suit! Chilling chillies. Looks like special and fun family time

Enjoy the time with your loved ones! I'm sure it so nice to be close to them for a good length of time. And even nicer to enjoy all that yummy vegan food with them! 😉

Ho yeah!!! Kicking the BBQ?! You rock!!! 🤘

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Good to know you are having a great time. I had become a little concerned that Orcs might have invaded Canada.:)

Aw those nachos look amazing!!! Glad your dad is listening to you! I'm trying to get both of my parents to eat healthier! Dang I want those nachos haha

Great you are enjoying your time sweetie! So happy for you darling!!! Much love to you!!

I'm very jealous of the nachos right now. Hope you enjoy Canada probs for the best you were out of the way from all the earthquake madness

very beautiful place.

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Crazy! I've been off Steemit for a little while too. The lull in crypto has sent the steemit price to shit.

I have been pottering around with a side project that I started publishing here on Steemit.. a few issues written. Not sure if there's a better platform to get more interaction, readership and funds!

I feel like even though I'm getting more on here than I would be otherwise, I'd like to think a publisher may be where it is at. Feeling a bit confused..

Good to see you back here. x

I've missed you, glad you had fun while home!