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I got a message from Expedia a few days ago telling me my earnings statement after 4 years of booking flights with them was a whole $8! I don't fly every week or anything but i do go on a reasonable amount of trips. Eight dollars after 4 years? What a sham!

So, like most things in my life, i was discussing this conundrum with some pals at the bar later that day and someone mentioned, a website that I had never heard of. In the past I had used travelocity, priceline, and also kayak. It became apparent to me over time that it didn't really matter which one you used because they all seemed to come up with very similar prices in the end.

This is why i started using Expedia because I figured if everyone is going to have the same prices I may as well get some sort of reward out of it. I suppose I should have actually checked the rewards because the amount was so exceptionally small (in my situation) that I don't really feel it was worth it.


Kiwi does not have a reward program either, but here is one thing they do have that all the other ones I had used in the past did not - They have an included "flight insurance" that costs nothing.

What this means is that if your flights are delayed and therefore you end up missing a connecting flight because of it, you will pay nothing for a replacement flight. If the delay results in you needing to book a hotel for the night they will arrange one of those for you as well, without charge.


I have been stranded at the airport before because of this exact thing happening. My flight from NYC was delayed 2 hours (I don't remember why) but then i ended up not having enough time to get my connecting flight in Taipei, Taiwan to get to Bangkok. Since these were two seperate airlines and i booked through a budget ticketing service online, neither airline wanted to pony up for the new flight. There might have been some sort of avenue I could have pursued to get a refund but in the end I just bought another ticket. Have you ever purchased a last minute ticket to anywhere at an airport? It is the most expensive seat you will ever procure.

Even though that situation has only happened to me once in the 25 years or so that I have been flying, it was a traumatic and expensive experience that I would much rather avoid in the future. So I am very happy that I had this discussion with my friend at the bar and I just completed my very first ticket purchase from them less than an hour ago.

The prices are the same on as they are on any of the other websites I looked at during the process so if you like the idea of having free flight insurance, you should give them a look for your next flight too!

PS. did not sponsor this... it is simply my own opinion


PS. did not sponsor this... it is simply my own opinion

Well, maybe they can sponsor you in the future. :)
$8 afters 4 years is basically nothing. I have the same experience with shopping in supermarkets. They give you points and then you can get tickets for the cinema etc. Afters 5 years you have enough points, and you can finally watch a movie, what the he..?

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a flight booking company that offers free insurance package to its clients is really awesome because there is alot of advantages of having such premium package for free. it is good bargain for their service @gooddream

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Hy @gooddream

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