Travelling in the United States - Our Las Vegas experience

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Viva Las Vegas!

What can we say.. You either love it or hate it. We have two different opinions. Suzanne loves Las Vegas and I, Mark, am not so sure. I think I am more leaning towards hating it then loving it.


While we came from the peaceful surroundings of Sequoia National Park we drove to Las Vegas. After about driving 5 hours through nomansland there it was. An outrages overkill of lights, glitter and drunk people filling up the streets. Or as Suzanne says it; look at all those beautiful lights, and look there’s the Eiffeltower. Look at that cute flamingo hotel! While saying this she has got sparkles in her eyes like a 5-year old. This might be the thing I loved about Las Vegas. Seeing Suzanne so happy and bombastic about all of this.

Just look at that happy face!


We booked a room in the SLS Hotel which was at the end of the Strip. The Strip is the main street in Las Vegas and all the large hotels are along this strip. The SLS is a nice hotel and where else then Las Vegas can you find a hotel with 2 swimming pools, discotheques, several bars and a casino.

After checking in to our hotel we went for dinner to the Wynn Hotel on the other side of the Strip. They offer a unlimited buffet, but not the one where you normally get bumped aside by a granny and where you are left to eat the scraps for dinner. This buffet is a feast! Fresh fish, lobsters, all sorts of meat, fresh vegetables, over 20 different desserts and ice cream flavours. Will writing this, my taste buds are at full throttle again!


Besides a wonderful buffet the Wynn makes you feel like you are in some sort of wonderland. Look at all those beautiful flower decorations.




Later that night we went for a walk along the Strip and blended in with all the other amused tourists. The sparkle in Suzanne her eyes is almost brighter than all of those lights. Especially after seeing her favorite animal, a Flamingo.


The Bellagio hotel is famous for their fountainshow composed on some nice music. Pretty cool to see, but I could not help seeing Bruno Mars on a jetski.


Later that night we found ourselves in New York, Paris and Venice. Now that is what I call travelling with the speed of light. Las Vegas light that is.




You can't go to Las Vegas without doing some gambling in one of the many casinos. We had a great time, but let's say it wasn't our lucky night. We blew a lot of our travel savings in a couple of minutes, but the experience of gambling in Las Vegas was priceless.



After a long day we were tired and we both slept like a baby.

The next day we left Las Vegas looking in our rear mirror and at the same time we said;

"Vegas was a one time thing"

"I don't want to leave"


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Have a great day and remember.. Always GoCoconuts 😉

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So even the word "Flamingo" works as an animal!!


For Suzanne it does LOL!

I must go to Las Vegas! Nice trip guys!


Thanks :)

"Vegas was a one time thing"

"I don't want to leave"

Who said which? :))

Somehow the colours of the flowers in the pics reminds me of an Indian wedding ceremony lol


Vegas was a one time thing, that was Mark :)
Never seen an indian wedding ceremony, but it must look nice if this reminds you of it :)


hehe you party girl!

Well, they tend to be extremely colourful, flamboyant, and least, the handful that I've seen :)


Sounds like a party I would love 😍

Nice pictures dear, it's obvious you are having a whole lot of fun :)


We try ;)

Leuke foto's! Ik ben nog nooit in de VS geweest.. Hoe is het om daar te zijn? Ik heb mezelf beloofd om een keer te gaan, maar ik ben een beetje bang dat het de moeite niet waard is. Maar dat zal vast niet zo zijn :)


Wij vinden het fantastisch en ontzettend veelzijdig. In het begin moesten we wel wennen aan de nepheid van sommige amerikanen, maar eens je dat door hebt en het ijs is gebroken dan zijn het vaak hele lieve mensen. Ik zou zeggen, neem de gok en ga eens kijken :)

wow man that looks all very fancy! I wish to be able to go there some day with my girlfriend. Upvoted!


Make sure to have fun when you do :)

Las Vegas !!! One day i'll reach day for sure :) great pictures of your travels as always


Thanks buddy! What do you think, are you a LV lover or hater?

Would love to visit Vegas :)
To bad about not having any luck at the tables :)


It was worth the loss :)

Looks awesome! Would love to go there. I've only been to the Chinese version, Macau ;)


Did not know about Macau. Something to check out :)

Really cute photos of you too :) Looks like your having a blast


Thank you @natashahall We sure did :)

Seriously, look at those decorations though. Amazing!!
Happy that you guys had a great time.
Great post as always @gococonuts :)


We sure did! Appreciate your kind words @aishwarya 😀