Saturday Breakfast Before French Lesson!

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After my 2 kilometers walk and 40 minutes of exercise this morning, my wife, daughter and I left the house to go to the Alliance Francaise in Bangkok. I do not need to take French lessons, but my daughter does...

We stopped at a restaurant close to where we live for breakfast.

I thought you would enjoy seeing some photos.

Saturday Breakfast Before French Lesson!

This is a nice restaurant with good food and also good coffee and tea, it is 8:15 and we have about 45 minutes to eat breakfast and then drive 45 kilometers to the Alliance française.

Let's see the photos now.

Latte coffe

Eggs, sandwich and salad

Fried chicken

Thai dish

Macha green tea

My wife

My daughter

And I will spare you mine...

The 2-hour French lesson started at 10:30 and I am writting this post from the library. 

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Michel Gerard


The food looks great!

Yes, clean, healthy and excellent!

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