One Night at the SO Sofitel Bangkok Hotel

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This Saturday night we stayed for the first time at the SO Sofitel Bangkok Hotel, which is very well located in front of the Lumpini Park and the Alliance Française where my daughter has her French lesson every week.

The SO Sofitel Bangkok Hotel is a five stars hotel located in the business area of Bangkok with entertainment venue at proximity, MRT station in front of the hotel and BTS station at around 1 kilometer. 

One Night at the SO Sofitel Bangkok Hotel

Some information about the SO Sofitel Bangkok Hotel from their website.


2 North Sathorn Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand.

Hotel Website: 

The lobby

The lobby is on the ninth floor, the staff in traditional Thai clothes is polite, with gift and original welcome drink.

A Teddy Bear for children at check-in.

A magic welcome drink with three ingredients, Thai herbs and lemon, that turn the blue into purple.

Our Standard Room Lumpini Park View

Rooms have distinguish themes, which are Water, Earth, Wood and Metal. We were fortunate to have our Standard room upgraded to Lumpini Park and city skyline view. We had the Wood style.

Let's see a few photos.

First, the room numbers are shadows, that's very original!

The room

The bathroom

A huge bathroom with bathtub, shower and modern toilet.

The view

A very nice view form the 18th floor of the Lumpini Park and city line with its skyscrapers.

Swimming pool, fitness and social area.

We didn't have a swim, or used the social area, but I spent 40 minutes in the fitness room.

The swimming-pool on the 10th floor.

The fitness room is on the same floor as the swimming-pool.

Social area.

Morning exercise

At 6:00 a.m., I went for a 3 kilometer walk at the Lumpini Park, and then used the fitness room for 40 minutes.

A nice view early morning in Lumpini Park.

Breakfast at the restaurant.

After my walk in the park and exercise, we all had breakfast at the restaurant.

They have a lot of choice and the food is excellent.

The food we had.

Accor Plus membership

We have the Accor Plus membership, which is a paid membership and gives members benefits like free upgrades for rooms, discounts and also 50% for eating at their restaurants.

Despite that we checked before booking the room and were told that we had 50% off for eating at the restaurant, the SO Sofitel Bangkok Hotel didn't honor this benefit to us. At check-in we were told that we could get only a 20% for a "A la carte" lunch, which we wanted and were offered the 50% off on the buffet, which all guests of the hotel have.

The result of this is that we went outside both for lunch and dinner. The restaurant missed an opportunity to get a good review here and we will go next time to a hotel that honor the benefits we have paid for. We went to the SO Hua Hin and they do honor the 50% discount!

That's the only complaint we have as everything else was perfect and that's very unfortunate.

That's always a struggle to get this 50% benefit as it seems staff in all the different Accord Hotels in Thailand are not properly informed about it. It generally takes them a few calls to a manager or the membership office and it is granted.

We will not renew the Accord Plus membership as you can have nearly the same benefits with their loyalty program, which is free.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and all the photos. Please upvote if you'd like me to write more travel and fitness posts with photos like this one.

Michel Gerard



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The magic welcome drink looks good. It's amazing how blue turns into purple.
Swimming pool and fitness area are attractive! Thank you for posting new things regularly.

And thank you for commenting on every post I make.

You're welcome, @gmichelbkk! You can introduce something new such as a new place, fitness area, hotel, restaurant in a fantastic way. Love those pictures you share. How do you take those pictures?
Do you use camera or cell phone to take pictures?

Cool! Nowadays you can do anything using your phone. Phone is something that's always with us.

Seems like a really beautiful and comfortable place to stay in. Restaurant looks delicious and everything there looks so beautiful! No wonder it's a 5-star hotel.
Looks like you've enjoyed your night at that hotel, great post :D

Thank you very much @inspirationalrag for your nice comment. It was a very enjoyable stay.

I am a new content creator here on steemit and I was just wondering how long it took you to get such a huge following. It'd be a big dream of mine to be able to achieve the amount of success you have achieved.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide feedback on my blogs whenever you get a chance. It will encourage me to keep doing better. Thanks!

First post on May, 28 and then some posts after that. Really started a couple of months ago with more posts and especially this November with one post a day. I always make sure that the post is of quality and a post like this one takes more than 2 hours to put together. I still have a long way to go.

This place looks so amazing! I want to go there. Hopefuly one day I'll be able to.

Yes, it is an amazing place and wish you will experience it in the future.

One of the best in Lumpini park area,many of the other hotelare cheaper but Not clean rooms and bathroom quality is bad!i have try this in my skin

Thank you very much for commenting.

Travel and learn

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