They fixed my favorite beach bar in Da Nang

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There is an expression out there that goes something like this "If it isn't broken, don't try to fix it." I have seen this happen to establishments throughout my life. One was when i was in college: There was this very popular corner dive bar that was honestly, a dump. However it was a popular dump that was busy almost every day of the week.

One month, they decided to close in order to remodel. They were closed for a very long time and in that time all of their customers who were regulars there almost every single day, were forced to go out and find a new place to hang. In the month they were closed their customers started to enjoy other places and when we did come back to "Alfredo's" the changes were completely unnecessary and the place was somehow less comfortable. Alfredo's renovations resulted in their eventual demise as a business. They lost their customer base by intentionally closing when they were already packed every night.

I am now seeing this where I now live in what was a place that while it was a bit shoddy, it was popular and just fine the way it was.

It is one of the few places that is located right on the beach and it catered to a wide variety of customers. Almost all of their seating was outdoors and the benches were made of simple cement or just whatever wooden or rattan furniture they happened to find. Some of the chairs were actually broken but not to worry! Just find another one! The place stayed busy every single time i went in there from about 10am to 10pm - they always had customers. The prices were a bit higher than other bars but you are on the beach and this is to be expected.

I walked in there the other day to see that the place had been completely revamped and I can't really imagine what they were thinking.


The few cement benches that remained were in the process of being removed and replaced by these colorful beanbag chairs. I tried sitting on one only to realize very quickly that I am essentially sitting on the floor and enjoying my drink was damn near impossible since I was lying down and couldn't reach it on the table. I also, like most people over the age of 10 had to roll off the damn thing in order to stand up.. roll off of it onto the dirty ground.


I suppose they make slightly more sense on the sand but here is one thing about people on the beach: They are covered in sand and most of the people are going to have sun tan lotion on them. How disgusting are those chairs going to be in just a short amount of time? So now I am going to go to sit down on my completely impractical "chair" only to be greeted by the slime of sweat and sun tan lotion left behind by dozens of strangers.... disgusting!


You can't tell it because I am sitting in one and didn't think to take a photo but they do have these high chairs that overlook the sea, which would be a nice touch if they weren't all homemade out of very heavy wood thereby making them almost impossible to move. I don't know whose idea this was but it was a very very stupid idea.

Another thing to think about is what the hell are they going to do once it rains? Or even worse when a freak rainstorm comes out of nowhere? These bean bags are not waterproof (or so it appears) and they will become disgustingly dirty very quickly. I didn't notice any zips on them so that means they will have to be cleaned by hand by the staff? yeah, i don't see that happening.

I just don't get what goes through business owners' minds sometimes. The place was already successful so why did you change it? It baffles the mind and already the town is abuzz about how everyone hates the new Danabeach. Pity, I really liked that place but now I am very unlikely to go back.

Oh another moment of brilliance on their part. The kitchen, which was renowned throughout the community for having the best fish and chips in town, has been permanently closed. Good grief!

I have intentionally not included the location of this place because I can't recommend that anyone goes to it.


One of my favorite restaurants when i was in college did something similar to what you described about your college experience. They were slammin' every day of the week and then for no good reason closed for renovations, it took them 3 weeks to reopen for business. Many of the staff found new employment during the forced break and when we went back the vibe was totally different and it was now "fancy".... people stopped going and the place shut down permanently 6 months later. Bad mistake for sure.

On the other hand that beach bar you are talking about looks amazing but the ocean has a lot to do with why i feel that way. You are a lucky dude to be able to live there.

They did this to a beach bar here in Ao Nang called "The Last Fisherman" and the attempt to be more upmarket didn't attract the richer clientele they were aiming for and they simultaneously pushed away their dedicated budget audience as well. Over the course of two years they were able to lure the budget crowd and the locals back at great expense to themselves. Some times not changing anything is the best business model you can follow.

The idea behind the beanbags is sound, but I agree those are gonna get nasty really quick. I hope they have a plan to clean them.

Buenas noches @gabe.radke, te invito a la Comunidad Latina en donde apoyamos los contenidos 100% originales.

oh no! Where am I going to get my fish and chips now?

businesses do this a lot. There were several dive bars that I frequented in college that were doing well and then shut to make it better.... IF the place is busy already what is there to make better?

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