[Video] Rain in the Maldives at 32 °C! - Regen auf den Malediven bei 32 °C!

in travel •  6 months ago

Rain in the Maldives

Hey dear blog readers!

I want to share this brandnew uploaded video with you, where you can get an impression of a "rainy day" in the Maldives in October. I only had one day there with a very short rain and it was really cool, because it was around 32 degrees anyways. :D

Here you can watch the video of my first and only rainy day during my diving holidays in the Maldives in October 2017 on the Vilamendhoo Island Resort (South Ari Atoll):

Greetins from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24

Jonas Ahrens

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Awesome, thank you very much @mdraba and Steem On!


Most welcome my friend. .

Paradis pur! 💚🏝️🐚

Everything in the world is relative. It happens that people are very happy about the rain, but there are people who are happy about everything, even geckos :)

Все в мире относительно. Бывает, что люди очень сильно радуются дождю, а бывают люди, которые радуются всему, даже гекконам:)

Thanks for sharing such an exiteful momemt you had. Hope the see some mkre from you.


Thanks for your visit & feedback @orishtimothy and greetings from Berlin!

Wowwww: D soaking at 32 degrees : D fun video. :) Have a nice day


Haha thanks @artizm and have a nice day too! :D 👍

It’s like here in the Philippines. There’s a low pressure. No boats are allowed to sail and flights are cancelled.

Dear steemer,
nice post and I followed you :) Please follow me :)

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Have a nice travel.Thanks for introducing us a new place that I ever seen.
@Resteem & follow has been done.

thanks for sharing. and I am very happy after seeing your video. and you continue to share to us. hopefully you can continue to share in steemit and I will always read your blog