📸 Breathtaking & spectacular nature photography taken from above a cliff at Lygaria Beach!

in #travel3 years ago (edited)

Wow, what a view - just awesome!

A cliff at Lygaria Beach on Crete in Greece

I have taken this photo from above a high cliff at the Lygaria Beach on Crete island in Greece with my HTC U11 smartphone and I think you can see that this is not just a snapshot... 📷👍

Best regards and Steem On everyone!

Jonas Ahrens @future24


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great Breathtaking shot taken from above a cliff at Lygaria Beach! photography,,I really llike this Beach photography,,,thanks for share with us.......

Wow pemandangan yang sangat indah kawan.. Very good your post my friend.

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Good post bro.... Beautiful view....

friend i like to see your post
they are really spectacular
Happy day

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