✈ Amazing travel photo impressions, taken out of the Airplane: Berlin - Lisbon #25 (Final Part)! 📷

in travel •  9 months ago

Hi Steemians, here is the final part of my photo impressions I have taken out of the airplane window during our flight from Berlin to Lisbon for visiting the Steemfest2. The airplane reached the parking place now and our Lisbon adventure began... 👌

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😙👍very nice


Thanks for the feedback @rsrestinga!

Wow awesome crossing done. Here you write a new friend from Venezuela. I like your content You do something that many people forget and it is to enjoy our lives you never know when it is too late to do things.

I send you a big hug and many greetings.


Thank you for your visit and feedback @musicayfarandula! 👍

Have fun and keep sharing photos from Berlin


Thanks @notsorandom and Steem On! 👍