The Ruins

in travel •  5 months ago


The Ruins mansion in Bacolod City, Philippines. One of the tangible proof that getting old doesn't mean you are destructible. Been anxious about my career and adulting. So I traveled with my friends. BDW my first travel away from Mindanao, Philippines

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Very beautiful and balanced. Reflection is stunning!


Thanks monajam

What used to be in the building? Cool photo. I love the reflection.


Yes a family mansion. Spaniards used burned it down so it wont be a hidding place by Japanese soldiers during the world war II, but the main structure remained strong since it is built with high class materials and good mixture of cement.


Will make a post about it. Stay tuned :3

Nagpunta ka pala sa bacolod maam @fukumineko? malapit lng ng kunti sa amin yan pru di pa ako nkapunta hahaha poor problems.


Wat san ba sa inyu?


ay hala late na ako neto ah., hehehe sa bayawan sa amin boss.,


Sayang di tayo nagmeet.