One Incense Pillar wows tourists in Enshi Canyon in central China😯

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One Incense Pillar has attracted numerous tourists eager to catch a glimpse of the natural miracle. It is located in central China’s Enshi Canyon, the country's answer to the Grand Canyon.

As August marks one of the best seasons to visit the Enshi Canyon, tourists across the country flocked to the spectacular spot to enjoy its natural beauty.

One Incense Pillar is a karst pillar that stands between the cliffs and peaks of the 108-kilometer-long Enshi Canyon, which is 150 meters at its tallest but only four meters wide at its narrowest.

The towering landmark was regarded as a piece of incense given by a deity to the local people. They could light the incense when disasters happened and the deity would help them weather the crisis.

Despite its stick-shaped structure, the pillar has been standing in the canyon for over a thousand years thanks to its great density.
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