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To get acquainted with reindeer, it is not necessary to go to the edge of the yagel and other lichens. Not far from Moscow, in the village of Antsiferovo Orekhovo-Zuevsky district of the Moscow region is a farm, where they contain reindeer. They live here only deer males, and all castrati.


Three reindeer

To feed reindeer tourists are allowed only bread or carrots.

Feeding reindeer

Reindeer in captivity

Reindeer brought from the Far North here in the suburbs. At first they are wild and do not allow themselves to approach. This reindeer named Tyson lives in the nursery for a long time and is already used to constant communication with tourists.

Reindeer Tyson

Most deer sit in their pens, but some (quietest) are taken directly to the tourists. Northern deer have the property of constantly shitting and doing it with enviable speed, leaving around themselves a lot of small shit. The shit of reindeers contrast well on white snow and quickly freeze in winter. Due to weather conditions and contrasting coloring, the chances of a tourist falling into the products of reindeer activity decrease sharply. And the frozen shit of the reindeer does not adhere well to the shoes. I think that in the summer the problem of shit on boots is acutely felt on the bus on the opposite two-hour journey to Moscow. It's good that we were in a deer cattery in the winter.

Written reindeer.

Pissing reindeer

Reindeers from this nursery are often photographed in films, advertisements and invited to Gazprom entertainments. Reindeers from the next two photos are perfect for some kind of catastrophe about the crash of a helicopter in the center of a herd of reindeer.

Reindeer with broken horns

Reindeer in the blood

In the program of visiting the deer nursery, a tea party was held in the yaranga. Tea drinking really was, only not in the yaranga, but in a spacious angular pavilion.

Tea-drinking in the yaranga

On the deer farm, in addition to the reindeer, there is also a reindeer breeder in the fourth generation Grigory.

Reindeer heron Gregory

Grigory held a master class on the capture of the reindeer.

elevenHow to cough up a reindeer

By the way, the deer did not want to be caught at all and tried all the time to slip away from Grigory.

Capture of reindeer

For some time we will leave the reindeer and go to look at the stylized camp of reindeer herders.

Tour guide on a reindeer farm

Put a totem - guard the camp.

Totem on reindeer herding

At the camp I was not left feeling that I was in the middle of some tauren settlement.

Tauren settlement

The main building element of reindeer herders is a stick. Of sticks, they can collect almost anything. Be it a hearth


Or a rack for stretching skins.

Rack for stretching skins

Dances of the peoples of the Far North.

Dances of the peoples of the Far North

For 200 rubles (for each) you can ride a small circle on sleds.


The trip lasts only 57 seconds. Few! Just sat down, did not have time to feel what was happening and already get down.

Riding on reindeer

200 rubles for 57 seconds!

Trip on sleds, harnessed by reindeer


And at the end of the story, there are still a few photos from the farm of the reindeers near Moscow.

Sledges and reindeer


Harnessed reindeer

Harnessed reindeer

Reindeer in the suburbs

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High quality pictures. Funny story!
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